Home Improvement & Restoration

Ethos General Contractors has been serving many areas around Colorado for over 10 years. Though we are best known for our topnotch roofing expertise and exterior renovation services, as a general contractor, we also offer additional services, including siding, stucco, stone, windows, gutters, and exterior painting. Whether you need repairs after a big storm blows through or you are simply looking to make some renovations to your home to increase its value, our experts can help you plan and execute the exact look you want.


Repairing Denver Siding Hail Damage.

Colorado has some very unique homes, so we see all different kinds of siding to support different aesthetics. With options ranging from traditional vinyl to industrial steel, Ethos has expertise in all categories of siding to help homeowners create their dream exterior. Whether you’re looking for a minor repair or a complete upgrade, we can help you select siding that fits your goals and budget. As Colorado natives, we strive to implement beauty in every home we work on because we’re passionate about our community and our neighbors.


Denver Gutter Hail Damage.

Storms can wreak havoc on your gutter system, that’s no surprise. What many people often don’t realize is the damage time can also do to your gutters. A working gutter system is essential to protecting your home, as it directs water away from your property. If your gutter system has flaws, it could very likely lead to structural damage to your property as water sits around the foundation. We offer comprehensive gutter inspections to help homeowners determine whether a repair or a full replacement is the best course of action.


Denver House Paint Hail Damage Repair.

Exterior painting is often considered to be a cosmetic update, to be done when there is wiggle room in the budget. However, keeping the exterior of your home looking nice has functional benefits, as well. Exterior paint can not only improve the aesthetic appeal and property value of your home, but it can also protect the exterior of your home from the elements and pests. High-quality exterior painting services can increase the longevity of your stucco or siding, thus saving you money in the long run.

Stucco & Stone

Denver Stucco and Stone Hail Damage Repair

Stucco and stone are the hallmarks of a well-dressed home. You can add value, character, and charm to your property with these accents. A stucco exterior can withstand the test of time, the elements, and ever-changing trends. With our experience, knowledge, and qualifications, you can rest assured that your Denver stucco and stone project will be taken care of according to high industry standards. From minor repairs to exterior upgrades, Ethos is the name you can trust for stucco and stone work.

Window Replacement

Denver House Window Hail Damage Repair

Your windows play a key role in the efficiency of your home. If you are noticing an increase in your energy bills, your windows are a likely culprit. Ethos specializes in three types of windows: vinyl, fiberglass, and wood. Each window style offers your home unique benefits from added character to weather resistance. Our experts can help you make an informed decision regarding which style will best suit the needs of your home and budget.