4 Fall Maintenance Tips from A Denver Roofing Contractor

Saturday, 01 October 2022 20:15
It’s that gorgeous time of the year again. The fall is not only a visually stunning season, but it’s also a great time to prepare your home for winter. Now is the perfect time of year to be vigilant about maintaining your roof and ensuring that you don’t have any leaks or other issues, especially since we’re about to head into a snow-prone season. You don't want to be caught in the middle of a big storm with a roof issue that can compromise the heat and comfortability of your home. Performing some simple maintenance tasks goes a long way to ensuring your roof holds up against winter, and our Denver roofing contractor is here to share some insights.

While you're busy raking the yard and checking your heating, be sure roof maintenance is on your to-do list. Set aside some time this weekend to take care of these maintenance responsibilities.

Fall Maintenance Advice from an Expert Denver Roofing Contractor

The best way to protect your home during the winter months is to be proactive before the cold season hits. A damaged roof during the winter can cost you big in repair and heating costs. Gain the assurance now that your roof is ready to endure the snow, wind, and ice with our easy maintenance tips.

1. Check Your Gutters

In Colorado, we love the changing and falling of leaves in autumn, but that foliage can collect in your gutters. When this happens, your gutters can become dysfunctional, water can pool up on your roof and cause serious water damage. We know that cleaning the gutters is the worst home maintenance chore, but it’s nevertheless important. If you notice that there are lots of leaves in your gutter, check them out before they start to clog up. Make sure your gutters are free of debris so that they drain correctly.

2. Remove Overhanging Tree Branches

The winter winds can knock down branches and send them crashing onto your roof. Heavy snow can also collect on tree limbs and cause them to splinter and fall. Try to cut or trim any overgrown branches before it gets too cold. If there are any you can reach or don't have the tools to remove, call in a tree trimming expert. The peace of mind that part of a tree won't come crashing down onto your roof when it's freezing cold out is worth it.

3. Schedule a Professional Inspection

It's recommended that you schedule a roof inspection at least once a year, and the fall is a great time to schedule one. That inspection will help pinpoint any potential issues with your roof and help you address them proactively before the winter.

When you need a reliable roofing contractor, don't go with the first one you find. Only an experienced roofer will be able to provide a thorough inspection and discover all potential issues. If you're struggling to find a trustworthy company, read our helpful guide on how to vet your Denver roofing contractor.

4. Handle Any Roof Repairs

After your inspection, don't waste time getting any recommended repairs addressed. It's better to get those done now than risk having a leaky roof in the winter. If you do need to make repairs, try to avoid doing them yourself. This could lead to more problems down the road, even if you are careful. Instead, hire a professional who knows what they're doing. That way, you won't be caught off guard by easily avoidable roof problems.

Strengthen Your Roof with a Top Denver Roofing Contractor

There's no better way to maintain your roof this season than with a helping hand from Ethos Roofing & Restoration. We've been providing high-quality roofing services for years throughout the Denver metro area and beyond, and we understand the importance of keeping your roof strong throughout the winter. Our expert team has extensive experience working with roofs like yours, and we'll work hard to ensure that you enjoy a healthy roof for many seasons to come.

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