Why You Need To Compare And Vet Loveland Roofing Contractors

Tuesday, 20 April 2021 10:40

Whether your roof needs drastic storm damage repairs or you just want to have it professionally inspected, your selection of a roofing expert matters greatly. There are plenty of roofing contractors throughout the Loveland area, and they all come with their own pros and cons. It's important to take the time to compare Loveland roofing contractors and vet your options thoroughly.

Now, we know exactly what you're thinking: "But why?" Why should you spend your valuable free time researching roofers and comparing your options? Well, there are a few reasons every homeowner should take their time and compare roofing contractors.

3 Reasons To Compare And Vet Loveland Roofing Contractors

Here are just a few of the top reasons why it's in your best interest to research and compare roofing contractors in Loveland.

Avoid Subpar Or Shady Contractors

Of course, no homeowner ever goes out of their way to hire bad contractors. However, it happens more often than you might think.

Homeowners fall victim to roofing scams and shady contracting practices all the time. Colorado homeowners may experience situations like losing communication with the contractor mid-project or finding quality issues with the repair work and then being unable to get ahold of the business to address the problem. Those contracting scams can result in serious financial losses for homeowners throughout the state. And the problem is just getting worse.

According to a news report from Denver's KDVR station, Colorado has been experiencing a surge in cases of contractor fraud throughout the past year. Other industry experts have noticed roofing scams becoming more prevalent along the Front Range in 2020 as well (Sky Hi News).

If you want to avoid experiencing the frustrations of hiring shady contractors for your roof repairs, you'll need to do your research upfront.

Discover The Best Estimates

Cost is always a top consideration for homeowners when considering any home improvement projects or maintenance work.

The only way to ensure you've found the best pricing for your roof repairs is to gather multiple estimates from various roofers near you!

However, remember this word to the wise: Don't be fooled by shockingly low estimates!

If you gather an estimate from a roofer that seems too good to be true, it probably is. Surprisingly low estimates are common signs of roofing scams, so be cautious about any unusually low estimates.

Acquire Expert Insider Advice

Like we said, every roofing company is different and comes with its own pros and cons. Some roofing contractors will go the extra mile for their customers to help lengthen the lifespan of their new roofs, and others may not. By taking the time to research and vet your options, you'll find a roofing company that can share helpful advice to benefit your property in the long term.

At Ethos, for instance, we prioritize homeowner education whenever possible. We are consistently looking for ways to increase homeowners' knowledge on all things related to roofing. You can guarantee our roofing experts will provide insider advice before, during, and after your roof inspection.

How To Accurately Vet Reliable Roofers In Loveland

Don't worry! While it might sound intimidating to research and compare roofers near you, it's actually not as exhausting or time-consuming as you might initially think.

Just set aside a few hours to conduct your research, build a shortlist of options, and compare your top choices. Here are a few helpful ways to compare roofers near you:

  • Ask friends and family for referrals
  • Read client reviews and testimonials on third-party platforms, like Google, the BBB, and Angi
  • Compare their offered services, roofing materials, and warranty offers
  • Consider the listed values of each roofing company

At a certain point, you'll have gathered all the information you can through secondary research. You'll need to speak directly with company representatives to further compare your options.

Give each company on your shortlist a phone call to get a first-hand impression of their business. Then schedule a few in-person consultations with your top options. Use those meetings to ask your pressing questions and gather further information on subjects like:

  • Their contracting licenses
  • Their insurance policies and warranties
  • Whether they rely on subcontractors or not
  • The expected payment schedule
  • How they plan to protect your property during the roofing project

After you've gathered the in-person estimates and met with your preferred choices, it's time to make a decision. Be sure to carefully weigh all of the information that you've gathered before making your hiring decision.

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