A Comparison Guide To Help You Find The Right Windsor Roofer

Thursday, 19 November 2020 11:37

We don’t need to tell you how integral your roof is to the rest of your property. So when your roof becomes damaged, it’s only natural that you’ll want to look for a top Windsor roofer to fix it. However, that is often easier said than done. There are plenty of roofers in the Windsor area and they can vary greatly in terms of craftsmanship, professionalism, customer service, and so on. When you’re in need of Windsor roof repair, how can you find the right roofing contractor for your needs? We’re here to provide some clarity on the subject.

At Ethos, homeowner education is one of our top priorities and we strive to keep our clients informed at every turn. That’s why we have developed this simple and straightforward comparison guide to support your search for a roofing company. With our handy advice, you’ll be on track to hiring a top roofer near you in no time.

What You Need To Look For In Windsor Roofer

Your roof deserves unparalleled treatments and top-tier repairs. You’ll only find that kind of quality care when you take the time to thoroughly compare your options. Use our guide to make the comparison process a little bit easier for yourself.

Ask Your Friends And Family For Referrals

There’s no better place to start your search for roofers than your friends and family. It’s highly likely that at least one or two people in your close circle have worked with roofers in the past few years. This will help you develop an immediate shortlist of recommended roofing providers.

Now that you’re armed with those referrals, it’s time to do your own research.

Comb Through Customer Reviews

A quick Google search will reveal that there are plenty of roofing companies near you. From small businesses to bigger chains, you have your pick of the litter. In addition to the referrals from your friends and family, you should start to research roughly 10 different roofing contractors. By starting at this high number, you’ll have a better chance of finding the best fit for your needs.

While you can find plenty of information on each company’s website, you can uncover more valuable insights from third-party platforms. Sites like Google, the Better Business Bureau, Angie’s List, and even Houzz will have plenty of customer reviews to pour through. These past testimonials can offer some helpful information to clarify your perception of each roofing company.

Be sure to read through at least a handful of those client reviews. You might find some nuggets of truth or key concerns to help you narrow down your list of Windsor roof repair companies.

Consider The Values Of Each Windsor Roofer

As a homeowner, it is within your best interest to review the company values of a given roofer. It may sound like a tedious task, but we still urge you to check out the guiding values of each company. Those principles are listed on their website for numerous reasons and they carry great weight.

As experts at Forbes note, company values are at the heart of the company’s culture. They set the standard for what you can expect from a given roofing company and offer insight into how they operate. For instance, our roofers at Ethos are guided by three core values: (1) Quality, (2) Integrity, and (3) Character.

Make Some Calls

You can’t find all the information you need through secondary research. That’s why you should pick up the phone and start making some calls to your list of roofing contractors! A phone call is the perfect way to get a first-hand impression of a roofing company and to get the information you need on their company.

Make sure you have your list of questions ready-to-go in front of you. Remember to take note of the manner in which they speak to you and the specific answers they give for your questions.

Schedule In-Person Consultations

Now it is time to gather some reliable estimates and meet face-to-face with the final contractors on your list. You should treat these in-person meetings like interviews. It’s the ideal opportunity to gauge the level of your roof repairs and to learn more about their company. Be sure to ask questions like:

  • How long has your company been in business?
  • What do your payment schedules usually look like?
  • How many past roofing projects similar to this one have you completed?
  • What kinds of insurance does your company have?
  • Can you provide me with your reasoning for this pricing estimate?

Remember to take note of how the roofers interact with you. Do they listen to your needs? Do they fully answer your questions? Are they using any aggressive sales tactics? Those face-to-face interactions can help you gain a clearer picture as to whether or not they’re the right roofers for you.

Don’t Forget To Watch Out For Common Red Flags!

Every year, millions of homeowners hire contractors for various home improvements. And every year, a wide percentage of homeowners fall victim to contractor scams. From poor craftsmanship to undelivered promises, contractor scams take place every year. And homeowners tend to hire these bad contractors simply because they didn’t do enough research.

When you start to compare various roofing contractors in Windsor, make sure you do your due diligence and thoroughly research each option. Keep your eyes peeled for common red flags, such as:

  • Unlicensed contractors - In Colorado, roofers must be licensed on the city and county levels.
  • No insurance - Reputable roofers must have general liability insurance policies in place.
  • Surprisingly low estimates - Be sure to gather a handful of estimates from various contractors. If an estimate seems too good to be true, that’s probably because it is.
  • Requiring full payment upfront - You should never be expected to pay the total cost of your roofing project before the work begins.
  • Vague or incomplete contracts - Don’t sign a contract that is missing crucial pieces. Make sure the contract includes all details of the project (e.g., scope of work, participating crew, equipment/materials, protocols for rising changes, start/end dates, etc.) and a clear budget/payment schedule.

If you notice even just one of these red flags, then you should likely steer clear of that roofing company. Remember to trust your gut and to be fully confident in your decision before you make a hiring decision.

Start Vetting Your Options For Windsor Roof Repair

Is your roof in need of some repairs? Then there is no better place to start your search for a roofing contractor than Ethos. Our roofers have been restoring and repairing roofs throughout Windsor since 2006. We are committed to delivering exceptional work on every single project and we’ll go the extra mile to ensure you have an outstanding customer experience.

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