Everything That's Included in a Denver Roof Replacement Project

Friday, 17 February 2023 22:56

Did you know there's so much more to your roof than the shingles? There's an entire system under there, and each component is necessary for a high-functioning roof. That's why projects like a Denver roof replacement are complex endeavors that require experienced contractors. But if you have ever been curious about what exactly is replaced, we have the answers.

At Ethos, we specialize in full roof replacements for properties in Denver, across the metro area, and beyond. With our decades of experience, you can count on us to properly replace or repair each part of your roof that needs it, from the shingles to the soffit and everything in between. Here is what our expert roofers will replace while working on your new roof.

What Goes into a Comprehensive Denver Roof Replacement

Let’s start from the top and work our way through the various layers of your roofing system.

Top Layer of Roofing Materials

This is one of the few elements of a roof replacement that varies greatly from home to home since there is a variety of materials to choose from. Sometimes homeowners will even replace their roofs before it's time for a complete replacement because they just want to swap out the top layer of their roofing materials. Depending on the type of material, your new roofing shingles can give your home additional benefits or can refresh its curb appeal with a brand-new look. Materials range from traditional asphalt shingles to tile, metal, and more.


Decking, also known as sheathing, is the bottom layer of your roof. This layer is usually made of plywood, oriented strand board (OSB), wood planks, tongue-and-groove boards, or metal. The decking is one of the most crucial parts of your roof as it helps support the rest of the components and distributes the weight evenly throughout the rest of the structure. Although the decking doesn't always have to be replaced along with the rest of the roof, it can be a smart idea to include it in the replacement project since it plays such a pivotal role.

Underlayment and Flashing

These are key components of your roof that must be replaced during a full-scale roof replacement project. The underlayment is the membrane between the top layer of material and the wood decking beneath it. It's designed to provide an additional layer of water resistance and prevent any moisture from leaking into the home.

Flashing will also be removed and replaced around any areas that could be vulnerable to water, like skylights or chimneys. You can expect your flashing to be a strong piece of metal like aluminum or something else.

Ventilation System

A well-functioning ventilation system is essential for keeping your roof healthy and preventing it from deteriorating too quickly. During the roof replacement process, you can expect your roofers to closely inspect your vents and make sure that the airflow is being well-distributed throughout the attic. If your vents are damaged, you may be able to repair them or you can have your roofer replace the system along with the rest of the roof so everything is new and in top condition.

Drip Edge

The drip edge is a metal strip that runs along the edges of your roof and helps direct water away from your home. This is the last barrier between water runoff and the vulnerable layers of your roof. Fortunately, the drip edge is easy to replace with the rest of the roofing elements.

Soffit and Fascia Boards

The soffit is the material beneath your eaves, often made of aluminum or vinyl, which helps ventilate your attic and prevent moisture from collecting. Fascia boards connects the soffit to the perimeter of your roof and creates an aesthetically-pleasing edge where you can also mount your gutters. These two components are integral to one another and must be replaced along with the rest of your roof since they are essential for a proper functioning roofing system.


Homeowners often wonder whether they should replace their skylights at the same time as their roof, however, it depends on the situation. If our roofers notice your skylights need to be switched, we can easily do it as part of our roof replacement services. We usually recommend replacing everything at one time so you don't have to worry, but ultimately, it's your decision.

Hire Ethos for Your Denver Roof Replacement Project

If you're looking for a reliable and experienced roofing contractor in the Denver area, look no further than Ethos Roofing & Restoration. We specialize in roof repair and roof replacement services, offering our clients top-quality materials and superior craftsmanship. Our team of highly skilled roofing professionals has years of experience with roofing projects of all sizes, so you can trust that your job will be done right the first time.

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