How Insurance Can Cover Your Storm Restoration In Denver, CO

Monday, 30 August 2021 12:37

Between the gorgeous sunny days, Colorado endures a few intense storms from time to time. Hailstorms, snowstorms, and thunderstorms alike can inflict serious damage to your property. Fortunately, you may be able to cover your storm restoration in Denver, CO thanks to your homeowner's insurance policy.

That coverage can help save you tons of cash on your storm damage repairs. Today we'll walk through the steps you need to take to get your insurance to cover your storm damage restorations.

Does Homeowner's Insurance Cover Storm Damage?

Your homeowner's insurance is in place to protect your property and your wallet. It covers many different events and perils, such as fire, vandalism, theft, interior water damage, and much more. While every homeowner's insurance policy is slightly different, your policy will generally cover storm-related damage.

However, there are a few exceptions to that storm damage coverage (Value Penguin). Your storm damage insurance claim may be denied if:

  • Part of the damage was caused by negligence or normal wear and tear
  • Your claim was not filed on time
  • The damage becomes worse because you did not mitigate potential hazards
  • You are not keeping up with your premium payments

4 Steps To Get Your Insurance To Cover Your Storm Restoration In Denver, CO

To get your property damage covered, you'll need to file your insurance claim ASAP. The sooner you file your claim, the better chance it will have of being approved.

1. Schedule A Storm Damage Inspection With A Roofing Contractor

First thing's first: the total extent of the storm damage needs to be verified by a roofing professional. They'll leverage their years of construction experience to identify every instance of storm damage on your property.

Just remember to find a roofer who you can trust. There are tons of storm damage contractors in Denver and they vary in terms of professionalism, customer service, insurance expertise, and more. To ensure you receive high-quality restorations, you'll need to do your research upfront.

With each roofing professional, be sure to look into things like:

  • Their contractor licenses and insurance policies
  • Any available warranty offers
  • Their available roofing materials
  • Past examples of quality storm restorations in Denver, CO
  • Client reviews and testimonials on third-party sites like Google

It's a good idea to schedule a few inspections with a handful of contractors. This way you can compare their findings and estimates to ensure you hire the best option for your needs.

2. File Your Storm Damage Insurance Claim

Your next step is to file your claim with your insurance provider. The roof insurance claim process will vary from provider to provider, so it is a good idea to review your policy and make sure you follow the steps that they outline.

When filing your claim, make sure you include plenty of documentation of the damage (e.g., photos, videos, findings from your contractor, etc.). Those pieces of evidence will make a significant difference in the success of your claim.

We should note here that your roofing contractor cannot file your claim for you and they cannot "guide" you through the process. Roofers can only provide you with education on insurance claims.

3. Meet With Your Insurance Adjuster

After your claim has been received, your insurer will send an adjuster to visit your home and confirm the details of your claim. That adjuster will basically have the final say as to whether or not your claim is approved.

We recommend having your contractor on-site for your adjuster's inspection. This way, you'll have a restoration advocate on your side who will voice concerns with your adjuster's findings.

4. Appeal Your Claim Denial, If Needed

If you've followed these steps and listened carefully to your roofer's advice, your claim should be approved. At that point, you can begin your storm restoration in Denver, CO.

However, your claim could be denied. If that happens, you have a few limited options to appeal your denial:

  • File a formal appeal with your insurance company
  • Consult with a property insurance claims professional for advice
  • File a formal complaint with the state's insurance commissioner

Closing Thoughts On Storm Damage Repairs

One thing you'll want to carefully consider before filing a claim is how it will affect your premiums. If you file several property damage claims in a small amount of time, your insurer will put you in a "high-risk" category. This may result in increased premiums, which can be detrimental to your budget.

However, if you don't have an extensive claims history, then your premiums likely won't increase dramatically from a single claim. Be sure to consult with your contractor about how your claim may influence your premiums.

It's also worth noting that sometimes it may not be worthwhile to file a claim at all. For instance, let's assume a hailstorm caused damage to your roof and your roofer provided a repair estimate of approximately $500. If your policy has a $1,000 deductible, then you should not file a claim because your provider will pay nothing as your deductible hasn't been met.

As a general rule of thumb, only file an insurance claim if your property damage exceeds your policy's deductible.

And finally, we should note that the insurance claims process can be tricky to navigate (especially if you've never filed a claim before). As mentioned earlier, your roofing contractor cannot file your claim for you and they cannot guide you through the process. Roofers can only provide educational resources to help you through the process.

If you feel lost when filing a claim, consider getting in contact with a public adjuster. They can legally help prepare your claim, present it to your insurer, and serve as your advocate for a fee. That professional help can improve your odds of obtaining a favorable settlement.

Get Started On Your Storm Damage Repair In Denver, CO

At Ethos, we prioritize customer service and homeowner education. For that reason, we will go the extra mile during our storm damage inspections to identify every instance of damage and provide educational insights for your insurance claim. We'll leverage our decades of roofing experience to deliver exceptional restorations and keep your property protected for years to come.

Book your FREE storm damage inspection with Ethos and start working with a top provider of storm damage repair in Denver, CO.