How the Roof Slope Affects the Costs of Roofing in Fort Collins

Wednesday, 15 March 2023 18:21

As you start to get ready to replace your roof, costs will likely be one of your top concerns. Whether you need a handful of repairs or need to replace your roofing in Fort Collins, both can be expensive projects and many factors influence the final cost. One of those factors to consider is the roof's slope. While you may not spend all day thinking about your roof slope, it matters significantly to roofers and the amount you pay in the end.

To help you understand more about how your roof slope affects roofing costs, our experts at Ethos have provided this in-depth guide.

Roof Slope and Its Impact on Your Roofing in Fort Collins

What is Roof Slope?

Let's start with the basics and clearly explain what we mean by "roof slope.” The slope, also called “the pitch,” refers to how steep a roof is. If you compare roofs in your neighborhood, you'll see their steepness varies. Areas with harsh weather, like Fort Collins, usually feature higher sloped roofs since they can help remove snow and rain.

To measure the slope, you must calculate the number of vertical inches climbed for every 12 horizontal inches. Although the measurements can vary, most roofs are categorized either as low-slope or high-slope.

Low-Slope Roofs

A roof is considered a “low-slope” if it has a pitch of less than 3 inches for every 12 horizontal inches. This type of roof is typically found on flat-roofed commercial buildings and homes with more flat sections, like ranch homes.

Low-slope roofs are easier to install, so their overall cost tends to be lower than other roof types. However, low slopes are often more prone to leaks than high-slope roofs since the water isn't easily removed due to the pitch.

High-Slope Roofs

If the pitch is more than 3 inches for every 12 horizontal inches, it is considered a “high-slope” roof. This type of roof is popular with homes and buildings with steep angles.

High-slope roofs are more difficult to install, so the cost for high-slope properties tends to be higher than other roof types. However, these higher inclines are less prone to leaks since water can flow down the steeper sides.

The Correlation Between Slope and Fort Collins Roofing Costs

Now that you better understand what a roof slope is, let's look at how it affects the cost of roofing.

You can generally assume that the steeper the slope of your roof is, the more expensive it will be to replace. This is because a steeper angle requires extra labor and materials. High-slope roofs require workers to install shingles at an angle and may need extra reinforcements. Additionally, high-slope roofs often require more materials since they cover more surface area than a low-slope roof. And the steeper incline poses a greater safety risk to your roofers, which may increase the final costs as well.

You can usually assume that the more experienced contractors will be better suited to handle difficult angles, so don't skimp on quality here!

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