4 Important Facts About Roof Insurance Claims In Denver

Monday, 28 June 2021 11:11

It's common knowledge that your homeowner's insurance can be used to cover the costs of roof repairs and replacements. However, the insurance claim process is a little more complicated than that. That's why we developed this list of key facts that every homeowner needs to know about roof insurance claims in Denver.

Since 2006, Ethos Roofing & Restoration has provided Denver residences and commercial properties with unparalleled roofing services. Throughout that time, we've learned a great deal about storm damage insurance claims in Denver, CO. And since homeowner education is one of our top priorities, we're here to impart our expertise for your benefit.

What You Need To Know About Roof Insurance Claims In Denver

As mentioned earlier, the roof insurance claim process can be complicated, so if you're ever confused about the process, feel free to give us a call! We'd be happy to share other important details about these storm damage claims.

1. Home Insurance Only Covers Storm Damage

Before you file a claim, it's important to first determine what caused your roof damage. Was your roof damaged by a recent storm? Or is your roof damage due to gradual wear and tear?

Standard homeowner's insurance policies only cover roof damage caused by fires, hurricanes, hailstorms, lightning strikes, falling objects, and a few other disasters (Insurance Information Institute). In general, most policies will not pay for roof damage caused by earthquakes or a lack of routine maintenance.

You'll need to schedule an inspection with a roofing professional to accurately determine the cause of your roof damage. If your roof has sustained damage due to general wear and tear, there's no point in filing a claim with your provider.

2. Your Claim Deadline Is Sooner Than You Think

In general, most policies require that claims are filed within one year of the incident, but this can vary by policy, provider, and state. Many homeowners will put off filing their claim for some time because they think it will be automatically approved whenever they file. That isn't the case.

The longer you put off your claim, the harder it will be to determine accurately the cause of the damage (especially if you lack photographic evidence). Plus, you'll increase your risk of further property damage the longer you put off your claim. For instance, a minor leak in your roof could cause water damage throughout your home.

Be sure to review your insurance policy to check for any hard deadlines to file claims with your provider. And remember: It's best to file your claim ASAP so you can get started on the repairs and restorations quickly.

3. Your Contractors Cannot Handle Your Claim For You

Contrary to what you might see on other roofing company websites, roofing contractors can't provide much assistance for your insurance claim.

In fact, contractors cannot legally provide aid or settle the claim for you. Contractors are also not licensed or certified to adjust claims (Adjusters International).

That said, your roofer may provide photos, videos, and other pieces of documentation to back up your storm damage claim. They can also be present during your insurance adjuster's inspection to act as your advocate and voice concerns with the adjuster's findings. But that's about all they can do for your claim, outside of providing educational resources on roof insurance claims in Denver.

If your roofing contractor says that they'll "handle your claim for you," it might be wise to look elsewhere for roofing services.

4. It Doesn't Always Make Financial Sense To File A Claim

Even if you're confident your roof damage will be covered by your policy, sometimes it might not make financial sense to file a claim.

Before you get started on your claim, take a moment to check what your current deductible is and compare it with a roofing estimate you've gathered from a reputable roofer.

Is your deductible less than how much it would cost to repair the damage to your roof? If so, it makes more sense to pay for your repairs out-of-pocket rather than face an increase in your premiums.

Gain Expert Insights For Your Roof Insurance Claims In Denver

If your roof has recently been damaged and you want to file a claim with your insurer, you've come to the right place.

At Ethos, we're incredibly familiar with the major and minor details of roofing insurance claims. We'll provide you with a complimentary no-obligation roof inspection to determine if you can and should file a claim for your roof damage. And if you have any questions regarding storm damage insurance claims in Denver, CO, we can provide you with educational resources to broaden your understanding.

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