3 Key Facts To Know About Storm Restoration In Greeley, CO

Thursday, 22 July 2021 09:23

Like so many other Colorado cities, Greeley endures all kinds of severe weather patterns throughout the year. From hail storms and heavy rains to high winds and extreme weather conditions, your home may sustain serious damage from various storms. Before you seek out professionals to restore your property, there are a few things you should know first about storm restoration in Greeley, CO.

At Ethos, one of our top priorities as a roofing company is homeowner education. That's why we developed this list of key facts about storm damage repair.

What You Need To Know About Storm Restoration In Greeley, CO

Storm damage repairs can be straightforward. However, some gray areas may be confusing for many homeowners. If you're ever confused about storm damage restorations, just give us a call and we'll leverage our decades of roofing experience to answer your questions.

1. Storm Restoration Scams Can Be Tricky To Spot

Unfortunately, not every storm restoration contractor is on your side. After a storm passes through, "storm-chaser" contractors (also called "fly-by-night" contractors) will knock on doors to offer their repair services. Although these individual roofers may seem genuine and helpful at first, they are often looking for ways to scam you.

Those storm chasers might try to pressure you into expensive and unneeded repairs. They might take your money and leave without completing any work. And they might even try to rob you while visiting your property. Reports for contracting scams almost always increase in the aftermath of storms or natural disasters (Stop Fraud Colorado). Some of the top red flags of home repair scams include:

  • Low-price offers for their services because they have "left-over materials from a job they just completed nearby"
  • Special deals that are only available today
  • Refusing to give you a written estimate or contract
  • Demands payment upfront and only accepts cash payments
  • The business vehicle has out-of-state license plates

While you will want to get your roof damage fully restored after a storm, you still need to make sure you're working with a reputable contractor.

Don't fall victim to these door-to-door roofing scams. Instead, do your research upfront on roofers in Greeley. Take the time to look up local contractors, read through their client testimonials, and gather written quotes to compare.

2. Documentation Is Key For Your Insurance Claim

While you should file your storm damage insurance claim ASAP, don't rush through it haphazardly. You'll want to make sure your claim is as strong as possible so it has the best possible chance of being approved. So be sure to submit as much documentation as possible with your claim.

Proper time-stamped images of the damage can offer great supporting documentation for your claim (Consumer Finance). You can take it even one step further by submitting images of your property that were taken before the damage occurred.

Those before and after shots will help make your claim even stronger. For that reason, it's a good idea to get into the habit of routinely photographing the condition of your property.

Videos are also great supporting documents to include with your claim. And any documents that your roofer can provide can help further support your claim too.

3. Even Storm Damage Claims Can Get Denied

Homeowner's insurance policies provide coverage for a handful of "covered perils," which include storm-related incidents. But even if your home was damaged by a recent storm, your claim could still be denied for a variety of reasons. Your claim could be rejected due to:

  • Existing damage - If your property already sustained damage before the storm, your insurance carrier may not cover the new storm damage. This is because the existing damage may have caused or contributed to the new storm damage.
  • The age of your roof - Some insurance companies place limits on the age of a roof that they will replace.
  • Missing or late payments - Do you consistently fail to make on-time payments on your homeowner's insurance? Insurance providers may use that as a reason to deny any claims you file.
  • Filing your claim too late - Depending on your insurance policy, you may have up to a year to file your claim (C3 Adjusters). However, that deadline is not always set in stone and it may not even apply to your policy. In general, it's best to file your claim ASAP, but be sure to review the fine print of your insurance policy to know exactly how long you have to file.

To give your claim a great chance of being approved, it's best to have your roofing contractor present for your insurance adjuster's inspection. They'll be able to act as your advocate and voice any concerns that you may have with the adjuster's findings.

If your roofing insurance claim in Greeley, CO is denied, you have a few options to appeal the decision. Remember to read the fine print of your policy to make sure you understand all of your options.

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