Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring Castle Rock Roofing Contractors

Tuesday, 14 December 2021 12:35

Home repairs can be a hassle, especially when you hire a subpar home services contractor. The wrong hiring decision can end up being a very costly mistake as you may have to pay extra for rework. That's why it's important to hire the right company from the get-go. If you're searching Castle Rock for roofing contractors, then there are a few mistakes you'll want to avoid.

How to Research and Vet Local Roofing Companies

Your research phase does not need to be lengthy and arduous. When you know what to look for, you can easily research and vet several local roofing companies in a single afternoon. Just stick to these handy steps:

  • Seek referrals from friends, family, and co-workers
  • Read through customer reviews and testimonials on third-party platforms (e.g., Google, Angi, BBB, etc.)
  • Gather multiple estimates from various roofers and compare your quotes
  • Ask each roofing contractor key questions during each inspection (e.g., "What kind of warranties do you offer?" "Will you subcontract any of the work?" etc.)

4 Common Missteps When Comparing Castle Rock Roofing Contractors

As you work through the vetting process, make sure you don't fall victim to these common hiring mistakes.

1. Working with an Unlicensed Company

As a general rule of thumb: never work with an unlicensed contractor. Whether you're looking for roofing services, exterior damage repair, or any other home service, your contractor must have a valid license and insurance.

A license proves that the roofing company has undergone the necessary training, passed rigorous exams, and is up-to-date on local building codes.

There is no statewide roofing license or registration requirement in Colorado for roofers (Colorado Roofing Association). However, roofers must be licensed to work at the city and/or county level where the work is performed. That means your roofer will need to be licensed to work in the town of Castle Rock.

2. Working with an Uninsured Roofer

Don't forget to make sure your roofer is properly insured. Roofing is a hazardous job that comes with a lot of risks. If your roofing company lacks insurance, then any liability or medical costs from on-the-job accidents will fall into your lap.

At a bare minimum, roofers should have two insurance policies in place:

  1. General liability
  2. Worker's compensation

During your inspection, remember to ask your roofer for proof of those two policies.

3. Basing Your Decision Solely on Price

Your roof is a big investment, so it's understandable why getting a good deal is important. However, cost shouldn't be your only concern.

You'll want to consider an array of additional factors outside of cost when comparing estimates. These may include things like:

  • Experience and reputation
  • Quality products and materials
  • Additional services (e.g., siding repair, gutter installation, etc.)

It's also wise to be wary of surprisingly low estimates. If a price seems too good to be true, it probably is. A super low estimate may indicate that the contractor cuts corners, which means lower quality work.

4. Not Having Everything in Writing

This is one of the biggest mistakes that most homeowners fall victim to. And when things aren't in writing, you can lose control of the roofing project.

Even if you and your contractor come to a verbal agreement, it does not set everything in stone. They might inflate prices, utilize low-quality materials, or delay the project's start/end date.

Everything should be in writing from the moment you decide to work with a roofing company. That includes estimates, warranties, bids, insurance policies, and more!

You need those documents in your contract so that you have legal recourse in case your roofer fails to deliver or tries to pull a fast one on you. If you don't have everything in writing, you risk having a terrible customer experience.

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