What Are the Most Common Problems Our Parker Roofer Sees?

Thursday, 19 May 2022 13:35

At Ethos Roofing & Restoration, we've been repairing roofs all across the Colorado Front Range for decades. Throughout that time, we've seen plenty of roofs and the problems they can encounter. As your trusted Parker roofer, we're here to break down the most common types of roofing issues that we see every day.

It's important to note that every roofing system is different and this list is not exhaustive. Even if you don't spot these roofing issues, your roof could still have damage.

To ensure your roof is in tip-top shape, book a roof inspection with our local roofer.

4 Common Roofing Issues Our Parker Roofer Catches Every Day

Roof damage should never be ignored. If you spot any of the following signs of damage, schedule an inspection with a reputable roofing contractor as soon as possible.

Shingle Buckling

If your roof is covered in asphalt shingles, there's a chance they may buckle over time. What exactly does that mean? Basically, shingle buckling is when the top layer of shingles starts peeling away from the rest of the roof (IKO). When it happens, the roof will start looking like an old piece of paper that has started to curl up at the edges.

This issue is not due to a failure of the shingles themselves. The buckling is usually caused by the movement of the roof deck below and occurs in roofing systems with roof decks made of dimensional lumber.

If you notice buckled or warped shingles, then it's time to schedule roof repairs with your local roofer.

Roof Flashing Issues

The metal flashing on your roof plays a critical role in leak prevention. You'll find flashing installed at the most vulnerable areas of your roof, including the chimney, valleys, skylights, and plumbing stacks.

Unfortunately, roof flashing is one of the most time-consuming parts of a roof installation. Some contractors may rush through the process, which may result in improper installation.

Even on good installations, your roof flashing won't last forever. It can rust, suffer storm damage, and the sealant can dry and crack. All these problems can create openings for water and moisture to seep into your home.

Water Damage Problems

All it takes is one hail storm or one tree branch to puncture your roofing system. Even the best roofing materials can become compromised and damaged (Angi). That small penetration will allow water into your home, which can cause many problems such as:

  • Rotting the roof deck and support beams
  • Damaged ceilings and attic spaces
  • Insulation damage
  • Sagging drywall
  • Fire hazards
  • Foundation damage

During our roof inspections, we always perform both internal and external inspections to check for signs of water damage. If our Parker roofer spots any problems, we'll provide appropriate recommendations for repairs and referrals if needed.

Maintenance Related Issues

Just like any other part of your home, it's up to you to keep an eye on your roof and properly maintain it. If you fail to do your routine maintenance, small and unnoticed problems can grow into larger and more costly ones.

It's best for homeowners to get into the habit of inspecting their roofs at least twice a year. This will allow you to spot concerns and get them addressed before they become exacerbated.

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