How to Prepare Your Roof for Solar Panels in Denver

Friday, 18 November 2022 19:14
roofing contractor installing solar panels in denver roofing contractor installing solar panels in denver

Solar is the way of the future! Installing solar panels in Denver is a great way to modernize your home, increase its value, lower your electric bills, and help protect the environment. And thanks to local and federal tax incentives, there's no better time to get solar panels. However, you can't just jump into the installation process. Most roofs will require a little bit of work to get them ready for the weight of a solar system.

If you're ready to make the switch, here's what to consider when it comes to solar and roofing in Denver.

Tips from our Roofers When Installing Solar Panels in Denver

Getting a solar panel system isn't something to rush through. While you'll want to start experiencing the benefits as soon as possible, you must first make sure your roof can handle solar panels and the stress that your installation can put on your structure. Here are a few steps you need to take to prepare your roof for solar panels:

First Step: Get an Inspection

The first step to installing a solar array is to inspect your roof thoroughly. This will help you determine if there is any damage that needs to be addressed and if there are any concerns that may prevent solar panel installation. If there are cracks, holes, or other problems with the roof, it’s best to have them repaired before installing solar panels.

Roof inspections can be dangerous, so it might be best left to the pros. Our roofers at Ethos are always happy to provide free roof inspections to property owners throughout Denver and beyond, whether we’re helping you with your solar installation or not.

Address Any Issues

If the inspection discovers issues with your roof, it's important to repair them before going through with the solar installation. Installing a solar system on a compromised roof will most likely lead to costly damage to both your home and new solar panels. Our roofing experts at Ethos can make any necessary repairs before adding your new solar equipment. We also offer replacement services if your roof is too old or damaged to support solar panels.

Note Any Potential Obstructions

Things like chimneys, vents, skylights, or any other obstructions could affect the placement and efficiency of your solar panels. A contractor skilled in solar and roofing in Denver can easily spot these obstacles and can come up with a plan to work around them. That's why it’s essential to work with an experienced roofer who is used to handling solar installations on all sorts of roofs.

Remove or Trim Sun-Blocking Trees

Trees can help shade your roof from harmful UV rays, but when you decide to install solar, that perk becomes a major drawback. Trees that cast shadows over your roof can block solar panels from collecting the necessary energy to power your home, thus negatively impacting their efficiency. If you want to install solar, be prepared to trim back branches or get rid of certain trees entirely. You may need to contact a tree trimming service to safely address these potential issues.

See if Solar Shingles are a Good Fit

When people think of solar power for their home, they usually envision a panel array, but there is another way to add solar to roofing in Denver. Solar shingles offer an innovative way to capture solar energy without compromising the appearance of your home. Solar shingles blend in with your roof by replacing traditional shingles or fitting on them, and can still harvest enough solar energy to power all your home's needs. They also offer all the expected benefits of regular shingles so your home won’t be vulnerable to the elements.

If you’re interested in upgrading your home to solar, it’s worth considering solar shingles.

Ready for Solar Panels in Denver? Ethos Can do it All

Ethos offers complete solutions when it comes to solar installations on your roof. We are experts in both solar and roofing in Denver, and our team can design and install a custom-built solar array for your property. Our roofers can also handle any roof repairs or replacements to guarantee your home has a strong base to hold your new equipment.

Contact us to learn more and get started on your switch to solar.