Roof Replacement Budget: 3 Things to Keep in Mind

Wednesday, 17 January 2018 16:26

A roof replacement project will perhaps be your largest expense next to buying your house itself, so it’s a smart idea to prepare your finances if it's time to undertake the endeavor. Ethos General Contractors, your trusted local roofing company, discusses tips to keep in mind when planning a roof replacement project.

Consider the Roofing Materials

Residential roofs can be made from a range of materials, ranging from the ubiquitous asphalt shingle to the sturdier and more malleable metal. Not all roofing materials cost the same, though; some, like tile and slate, have comparatively higher price tags, although they tend to last longer than others. When you’re planning your roof replacement budget, don’t just look at the upfront cost; rather, consider the long-term value of your new roofing system.

Budget for the Unexpected

In some cases, especially when the roof is old, repairing the underlayment or actual roofing structure might be a necessary first step before actually replacing the entire roof. As such, it always pays to prepare your budget for unforeseen costs. As part of our complete roofing services, we provide an in-depth roof inspection so you’ll know if your roof replacement project requires repairs.

Hire a Professional

Most homeowners think DIY roof replacement will save them money. While it might lower the upfront cost, you’re putting your roof and yourself at a huge risk, which may translate to more costs in the long run. An improperly installed roof will start to manifest roofing problems in just three to four years, and will have a relatively shorter life span, too. You’ll also need to invest in tools and equipment that you’ll probably only use just once, possibly spending some of the money you thought you were going to save in the first place.

When you're replacing a roof, quality should be your first priority. With these tips, paying for your new roof doesn't have to be an added stress. At Ethos General Contractors, we offer professional roofing and window replacement services. You can count on our team to professionally replace your old roofing system. Call us today at to learn more about our services. We offer professional roofing services throughout Aurora and Englewood, CO.