Roof Value Explained By Our Roofing Contractor In Littleton

Friday, 15 January 2021 10:47

Whether you're considering selling your home or you've just purchased a new property, you want to know just how much value your property has. All sorts of factors influence your home's overall value, from its energy efficiency to your home's renovations. So it should come as no surprise to learn that your roof plays a significant role in your property's value. How exactly does your roof influence that price tag? As a top roofing contractor in Littleton, we're here to break this topic down in-depth and help you make the right choices for your roof.

We'll touch on how value is calculated, the factors that influence your roof's value, and what steps you can take to improve it. Let's dive right into the nitty-gritty and get started!

How Your Roof Affects Your Home's Value

While your roof's main function is to protect all the valuables inside of your home, it also serves many additional purposes.

In the winter, your roof acts as a major insulator to retain heat within your home. During the summer, it helps maintain your home's internal temperature with proper air ventilation.

Your roof also plays a key cosmetic role in your home's curb appeal. Weathered and worn shingles will have an obvious negative impact on your home's aesthetic appearance, which can in turn lower your home's value.

Clearly, your roof serves plenty of functional and cosmetic purposes. So if your roof is damaged, dysfunctional, or just unsightly, you can practically guarantee your home's value will be negatively impacted. Fortunately, you can change that by hiring a reliable roofing contractor in Littleton.

Calculating The Current Value Of Your Roof

The exact value of your home (and your roof) can be determined through an appraisal process. To get an accurate value of your property, an appraiser will need to review your home in-person. Their inspection will review just about every inch of your property. And when they check your roof, your appraiser will consider factors, such as:

  • The age and maintenance of your roof
  • The roofing materials used (and their current condition)
  • The standards in the neighborhood
  • Upgrades or improvements that help with energy efficiency

Appraisers will leverage a wealth of resources to calculate the total value of your property, and the health of your roof is a big determining factor in your home's value.

How Much Value Will A New Roof Add To Your Home?

A new roof can add plenty of value to your property. And as we mentioned earlier, numerous factors influence that final ROI, such as location and materials. Nevertheless, you can expect a nice bump to your home's overall value.

According to Remodeling Magazine's 2019 Cost Vs Value report, a roof replacement of asphalt shingles can add over $15,000 to your property's value (or a 68% ROI). Of course, that doesn't mean the number is set in stone. In fact, the 2019 Remodeling Impact Report from the National Association Of Realtors found that new roofing yielded the highest percentage cost recovered of all exterior projects at 107%.

Clearly, you have a lot to gain from a total roof replacement or even some minor roof repairs.

What Can You Do To Improve The ROI Of Your Roof?

Do you want to get an even bigger bang for your buck from your roofing project? Then you need to invest in top-tier roofing materials!

We know it might be tempting to simply use composite asphalt shingles for your roof repairs or replacement. However, these are the most common types of shingles in the U.S. and may not yield the best ROI.

Higher-end materials, like slate tiles, are more durable and expensive. These materials may actually give your ROI a significant boost, as those strong materials will last upwards of 100 years.

You may also want to consider installing solar roofing panels on your property. These days, energy efficiency is a top priority for homebuyers. You can practically guarantee they'll take note of your property if you've already set up a source of free renewable energy.

Should You Invest In Littleton Roof Repair Or Replacement Services?

Just because a roof replacement can boost your home's value, it doesn't mean you need one. Your roof could be just a few years old, mostly functional, and still aesthetically pleasing. If that sounds like your home, then you're probably a better candidate for Littleton roof repair services.

If you're interested in selling your home and you want to maximize the value of your property, then a roof replacement is likely your best option. We know that a new roof can sound expensive, but trust us: it is well worth the investment.

Not only will a new roof increase the value of your property, but it will also attract more prospective buyers for a quicker sale process. This way you'll be able to move onto your new home faster with more funds in your pocket.

Boost Your Property Value With Our Roofing Contractor In Littleton

Are you ready to start improving the value of your home? Then it's time to upgrade your roof with quality roofing contractors in Littleton. Fortunately, you've already come to the right place.

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