How Roofing Contractors In Fort Collins Will Repair Your Roof

Wednesday, 06 January 2021 11:56

Throughout the year, your roof will keep you safe and sound from the Colorado elements. Whether it's from a bad hail storm or a windy blizzard, your roof may become damaged sooner or later and when that happens you'll need to get it repaired by professionals. But what exactly does the repair process look like? What needs to be completed to restore your roof to 100% functionality? We asked our roofing contractors in Fort Collins to help clarify the process.

Homeowner education has always been a top priority for us at Ethos. That's why we are here today to help expand your knowledge on the roofing process.

5-Step Roof Repairs: According To Roofing Contractors In Fort Collins

We've simplified the roof repair process down to just a handful of steps! While every roofing project is different, your roof repairs will still follow these core steps.

Step 1: Inspect The Property

Like any other repair process, the damage must first be identified in its entirety before the repairs can take place. That means you'll need to schedule a roof inspection in Fort Collins, CO with your trusted roofers to pinpoint all instances of damage. During a 30-45 minute inspection, your roofers will check your:

  • Shingles - Looking for any broken, chipped, warped, or missing shingles. They will also look closely for any shingles that are missing their granules.
  • Fascia and soffit boards - They'll check for decay, cracking, or missing wood, alongside any instances of water damage.
  • Flashing - Looking for any rusted, damaged, or loose metal flashing.
  • Attic space - Checking for any beams of light from cracks or holes in your roof. They'll also check for the presence of moisture in the attic and inspect your insulation for rot and decay too.
  • Exterior siding - If there is any water damage on your siding, then there is likely a problem with your gutter systems.

Following their inspection, your roofing contractors in Fort Collins, CO will have a clearer idea of the total extent of roofing damage.

Step 2: Agree On The Scope Of Work

If you've already found a reliable and trustworthy Fort Collins roofing contractor, you may be eager to get underway with your roof repairs. But first, you'll need to go over the details in-depth with your contractor.

Armed with the information from their inspection, your roofer will make recommendations to you about the most appropriate next steps. If the damage is isolated and not wide-spread, then a few repairs will likely do the trick. If your roof damage is more substantial, then a roof replacement may be your best option.

You will, of course, first receive an estimate from your contractor before the scope of work is agreed to. It would be wise to gather estimates from multiple roofing companies to ensure you're getting the best deal for your needs.

If you have decided on a contractor, then you will start to finalize the specifics of your project. You'll then receive a roofing contract that include details such as:

  • The timeline of the repairs
  • The roofing materials to be installed
  • The deposit/payment schedule
  • And more

Step 3: File Your Insurance Claim, When Possible

Your homeowner's insurance policy should offer coverage for "storm-related damage." If your roofer determines that your roof has been damaged by a recent storm, then you should file a claim with your provider ASAP! The sooner you submit your claim, the more likely it will be covered.

Many contractors in Fort Collins, CO are intimately familiar with the roof insurance claim process. Be sure to use them as a supportive resource as you complete and file your claim. This way, they'll be there to voice your concerns when the adjustor shows up to verify the details of your claim.

Of course, not all instances of property damage will be covered by your insurance provider, so make sure you discuss the damage thoroughly with your contractor first before you submit any claim.

Step 4: Commence The Repairs

With the scope of work agreed to, your contractors can now begin the repairs. As we mentioned earlier, every roofing project is different. So the exact nature of your repair process will be unique to your needs. Depending on the overall damage, your roofers may repair your property in a number of ways, including:

  • Fixing the shingles - Damaged shingles will simply be removed and replaced methodically by your roofing professional.
  • Plug up the leaks - Your contractors may use a form of roofing cement that's compatible with your roofing materials to plug any roof leaks.
  • Sealing the cracks - Small cracks in your roof or chimney can be addressed with a layer or two of roof caulking.
  • Installing new flashing - The flashing around your chimneys, skylights, or vents helps protect those key areas from water damage. New strips of flashing may be installed if they are loose or have been damaged.
  • Replacing vent boots - Those vent boots help ensure your attic is properly ventilated, which plays a key role in the integrity of your roof. If your vents have been damaged, they'll need to be removed and replaced.

If the roof damage is more substantial, then more in-depth repairs may be needed. For instance, punctures in your roof may require some reframing, a new layer of sheathing, new underlayment, and new shingles. It just all depends on the total extent of your roof damage.

Step 5: Cleaning Up Your Property

As the repairs wrap up, your roofers will proceed to clean up the worksite. This will really just involve the removal of any roofing debris, which includes roofing nails, shingles, pieces of fascia and flashing, roofing felt and underlayment, and more.

Your roofers will likely have a dumpster on-site to remove the debris quickly and efficiently. If they placed tarps in advance around your property, the clean-up process may be greatly expedited. Nevertheless, your contractors will use magnetic devices to survey your property and pick up any loose nails or dangerous debris.

Once the site is cleaned up, you can sign-off on the project and bid farewell to your roofers!

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