Your Roofing Estimate Explained by a Top Littleton Roofer

Thursday, 12 May 2022 12:49

At the end of a roof inspection, your roofer will give you an estimate. That document is loaded with tons of information, but it's not always clear what all of it means. As a leading Littleton roofer, we're here to provide some clarity on this subject.

At Ethos, one of our top priorities as a company is homeowner education. That's why we developed this guide to roofing estimates for homeowners just like you.

What to Know About Roofing Estimates, According to our Littleton Roofer

Whether you need a roof replacement or roof repair work, it's best to gather a few estimates from prospective contractors. This way you can compare offers, pricing, materials, and more to select the best roofing company for your needs.

What is Included in an Estimate?

Your roofing quote provides a written summary of the scope of your roofing project. Different roofing contractors will have different roofing estimates and some may include more information while others include less.

At a minimum, you can expect a roofing estimate to outline these key points:

  • Estimated project timeline
  • List of roofing materials (e.g., asphalt shingles, flashing, tile roofing, etc.)
  • Information on licensing, insurance policies, and warranties
  • The cleanup/removal process
  • Breakdown of costs (e.g., labor, permits, etc.)
  • Payment information

How Do the Costs Break Down?

Just as each roofing job is different, each roofing estimate is different too. Roofing contractors do not all charge the same prices and they may vary in how they determine costs for a given project.

On average, a new roof costs between $8,500 to $14,300 (Roofing Calc). But that does not mean your estimate will match those price points. The overall cost of your project will depend on:

  • Material costs
  • Labor expenses
  • Building permit costs
  • Disposal costs for old materials
  • Project add-ons
  • The slope/pitch of your roof

Your roofing estimate should include an itemized list of exactly how the pricing breaks down. Speak with your roofer directly if you don't see that cost breakdown in your quote.

Is My Roofing Estimate Also My Contract?

No. Roofing estimates are not binding documents and should not be confused for contracts. That document is just an initial quote, so those prices are not set in stone.

Your contract will be similar to an estimate but will include additional clauses. In your roofing contract, you'll find:

  • Specifics on payment terms (e.g., down payment terms, final payment provisions, etc.)
  • Provisions regarding add-ons or change orders
  • A termination clause
  • A lien release

Once a contract is signed, it is legally binding. Make sure all the details of your contract align with your expectations, your budget, and your needs. If something isn't right in your contract, contact your roofer ASAP.

Things to Keep in Mind About Roofing Quotes

There's a wide variety of residential roofing companies in Littleton and throughout the Denver metro area. It's in your best interest to acquire a few estimates from local contractors so you can accurately compare your options.

As you review quotes, there are a few things you need to keep in mind:

  • Cost isn't everything. Your roof is a critical part of your home and budget shopping may result in lower quality of work.
  • Compare warranties and guarantees. The right roofing warranty can help save you tons of money down the line.
  • Be wary of shocking quotes. If one estimate seems too good to be true, it probably is.
  • Ask your roofer for references. Just to be sure you'll receive quality work, it's worthwhile getting in touch with past customers.

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