Your Seasonal Roofing Guide from our Parker Roofer

Tuesday, 06 September 2022 15:02
If you want to be a good homeowner, it helps to stay on top of important things like the state of your roof. When you're getting close to needing a roof replacement or you've noticed problems that will eventually need to be fixed, you might ask if there's a better time than others to schedule your roofing services. As a leading Parker roofer, we know that there are pros and cons to the different seasons when it comes to your roof. However, one has more potential to maximize your time and needs than the others.

So, when is the ideal time of year for work on your roof? Read on to find out the answers from a roofing expert and why the seasons make a difference.

Our Parker Roofer Explains Seasonal Effects on Roof Work

The season is an important aspect to consider for exterior renovation services of any kind, but for roofing services in particular. That’s because each season impacts things like materials and a roofer’s ability to work. Learn the different ways each of the four seasons can affect your roofing needs.


The winter is, obviously, one of the worst seasons to repair or replace your roof. Once the snow and freezing temperatures arrive in Colorado, work becomes much harder and costlier to complete. While it's still possible for a Parker roofer to come out and address your roofing, the process may take longer and it may be more inconvenient for both you and your roof. If possible, try to minimize any roofing needs during these colder months.


Winter can expose a lot of issues with roofs, making homeowners eager to hire a contractor for a roof replacement or a few repairs. However, Colorado's weather can be unpredictable in the spring, and quickly upend your roofing plans. It may only set the project timeline back a little bit, but you have to decide if it's worth the risk for your home.

That said, spring can be a great time for roofing repairs and can help get your home ready to sell or show off during the summer. If you’ve got big summer plans, then spring is a great time to get your roof work completed.


In summer, the weather is more consistent, yet it also comes with some downsides to consider when it comes to your roof. Roofing materials can struggle to set properly during high heat waves due to the contractions and/or expansions that happen to certain materials in high heats. Metal roofing panels, for instance, may risk shifting slightly in the fall due to the temperature changes. In addition, asphalt shingles need the right temperature in order to seal properly.

The dog days of summer can create hard working conditions for roofers too. Plus, it’s worth noting that most homeowners will get their roofing work done in the summer, which means higher demand and possibly higher roofing costs.


Fall is widely considered to be the best time for roof replacements and repairs. The intense heat of the summer has cooled, but winter's chill hasn't set in yet, making the weather just right. In addition, you’ll need to prepare your property for the harsh winter weather, and that includes your roofing and gutter systems.

When you take care of roofing issues in the fall, you can make sure your roof is ready to handle the harsh conditions of the next season and beyond.

Reasons to Seek Roofing Services in the Fall with a Top Parker Roofer

The professionals all agree – fall is the best time for roof replacements and other services. This season provides many additional benefits for roofing services, which include:
  • It's easier to install and repair roofs. Fall provides the perfect climate for roofing materials to set and seal properly. If it's too cold outside when installing, shingles can become brittle and may break sooner than expected, but if it’s too hot they won't cure correctly.
  • The weather is better. Fall is the last chance to perform a replacement or repairs before the winter sets in. The milder temperatures allow roofers to work for longer without fear of storms or extreme heat.
  • You can save on heating. Ensuring your roof is in good condition helps you when the winter weather arrives. Damaged and cracked roofs can leak heat, making your home colder and skyrocketing your heating bill. Having a roofer out in the fall guarantees that your roof will retain heat when you need it.
  • Pests won't be able to get in. When the temperatures start to drop, critters will seek out warm shelters, often in attics. However, they won't be able to get in when your roof is strong and sturdy from recent fall roofing services.

Take Advantage of the Fall Benefits for Roofing

Fall is just around the corner, so make sure you schedule an inspection with our reliable Parker roofer to check for any signs of damage or concern. Reach out to Ethos Roofing & Restoration to avoid unexpected complications from the other seasons.

We are always ready if you need repairs or replacement no matter the time of year. Contact us today for a FREE inspection.