Solar Reflective Index: Measuring How Cool A Cool Roof Is

Monday, 30 October 2017 15:36

The Solar Reflective Index (SRI) is a measurement system that shows how well a roofing technology blocks solar radiation. At the same time, it takes into account the emissivity of a product, or its ability to re-emit the heat it absorbs to cool itself. In many ways, the SRI is a useful metric, especially when you are buying a highly energy-efficient residential or commercial roofing system. Ethos General Contractors, one of the top roofers in our area, explains how this number can benefit you.

Demystifying Cool Roofing

Cool roofing may seem like a straightforward concept, but it is rather hard to wrap your mind around it. How cool is a high-quality cool roof? Are all roofing systems advertised as “cool” equal? Each energy efficient roof uses advanced technologies to deliver high performance. The problem is that such fancy features may not really help the layman make an objective decision.

The development of the SRI as a unit allows everyone to understand the properties of your cool roof through intuitive numeric values. The SRI is expressed in digits from 0 to 100, wherein higher numbers means mean a stronger performance.

Serving As A Standard

The SRI has standardized the rating process for commercial and residential roofing products. In fact, the LEED 2.2 from the U.S. Green Building Council utilizes this unit to assess a cool roof. Since it is a standardized measure, it allows roofing manufacturers and the government to be on the same page. There would be no conflicting procedures to quantify reflectivity and emissivity properties. As a customer, you only need to look at the SRI to know how energy efficient a roofing system is.

Facilitating Decision Making

The SRI makes it simple for you to choose the right roof for your unique needs. Energy efficiency may just be one factor you need to consider when tackling a re-roofing, but it should not be a headscratcher. Without having to decipher technical terms, the SRI allows you to spot a cool roof in an instant.

Understand Cool Roofing Better With Ethos

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