7 Steps Roofers Take For Storm Damage Repair In Littleton, CO

Wednesday, 15 September 2021 11:37

Coloradans see 300 days of sunshine every year. But, that still leaves room for many storms to pass through the state. From hailstorms to blizzards and more, Colorado storms can inflict serious damage on your home. If your property has been damaged by a recent storm, you'll want to seek out storm damage repair in Littleton ASAP.

But how exactly will your contractor repair the damage? What steps will they take to restore your property? Don't worry; we've got these answers and more at Ethos Roofing & Restoration.

How Our Roofer Will Approach Your Storm Damage Repair In Littleton, CO

Homeowner education is one of our top priorities at Ethos. That's why we developed this step-by-step guide to our storm damage repair process.

1. Verify and Document the Damage

First things first: your contractor will need to verify the total extent of your storm damage. This can be accomplished during a comprehensive property inspection. And when we say "comprehensive," we mean it.

Our roofers will not only inspect your roof for damage, but they'll also inspect the entirety of your home's exterior too. During our 30-45 minute inspection, we’ll work through 3 separate stages of your storm damage inspection:

  • A ground-level inspection
  • An exterior inspection of your roof
  • And an interior inspection of your roof

Throughout the entire process, we’re looking for common signs of storm damage. These may include things like cracked shingles, dented siding, or interior water stains.

Along the way, our roofers will note and take photos of every instance of damage that we identify. These documents will support your insurance claim and help us walk you through our findings.

2. Generate An Estimate For The Restorations

After the inspection concludes, our roofing contractor goes over their findings in detail with you. They'll highlight all of the points of damage on your property and generate an estimate for the repairs.

We utilize a pricing estimation tool called Xactimate to generate our restoration estimates. This software uses pricing models that change monthly based on the supply and demand of the market. This allows us to get the most accurate pricing estimate for your scope of work. And, it helps us ensure that the pricing matches that of most insurance carriers.

3. Provide Documentation For Your Insurance Claim

As mentioned, our roofing contractors will always document the storm damage during our inspection. Why? To provide support for your roofing insurance claim in Littleton, CO!

If we identify storm damage on your property, then you'll want to file an insurance claim ASAP. After all, your home insurance policy is in place for this type of situation.

Documentation is incredibly important for your insurance claim because it helps tell the full story (ClaimsJournal). Those notes and photos will provide hard facts on the damage and help the insurance company make the right decision for your property.

Pro Tip: Get in the habit of photographing your property every six months or so. Those time-stamped documents will provide further context for any future home insurance claims you may file.

4. Meet With Your Insurance Adjuster

After you file your claim, an insurance adjuster will need to visit your home to verify the details of your claim.

While it’s not required, we recommend that you have your roofing contractor on-site for the adjuster's inspection. Your roofer acts as your advocate and will be there to raise concerns with the adjuster's findings.

There’s no guarantee that your insurance claim will be approved. However, your roofer can help improve the likelihood of your claim's approval by being present for the adjuster's inspection.

5. Schedule The Work

Once all the paperwork for your storm damage repairs is complete, now it's time to schedule the work. Our roofers will be flexible to your needs and schedule the project when it's most convenient for you. We'll work closely with you to confirm project details like:

  • Start and end dates
  • Roofing material upgrades
  • The entire scope of work
  • Measures to prevent accidental property damage
  • And more

6. Follow Through On All Details Of The Project

Every roofing project is different. Depending on the extent of your storm damage, your roofer may only replace a few shingles, or they may need to completely replace your roof.

Whether your home needs a new underlayment, new sheathing, or new flashing, our roofers will follow through on all the details of your storm damage restorations.

7. Property Cleanup

The final step of any roofing project is the cleanup. This step is relatively straightforward and will involve things like:

  • Collecting all trash and debris in a dumpster provided by your roofer
  • Surveying the ground around your home with magnets to collect nails, screws, and other hazards
  • Removing protective measures and materials from your home

We'll conduct one final walk-through to check for any trash, loose shingles, or other items. Our roofers will then submit their final invoice to the insurance company, say “thank you,” and be on our way!

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