Storm Damage Prevention Guide from a Fort Collins Roofing Pro

Thursday, 21 July 2022 13:39

Colorado is long overdue for an intense storm. We always see thunderstorms and rain throughout the year, but hailstorms can occur during Colorado's "hail season" from May to September. It just takes one hailstorm to wreak havoc on your home, and then you'll need to call Fort Collins roofing companies to address the damage.

As a top provider of storm damage repairs in Colorado, we can help you get ahead of the curve! Just follow this storm damage prevention guide to get your property prepared for any impending hailstorms.

Minimize Storm Damage: Thoughts from One of the Top Fort Collins Roofing Companies

Are you worried about hail and how it can damage your property? If not, you should be. Colorado hailstorms have historically been intense and inflict serious damage throughout the state.

In fact, one of the worst Colorado hailstorms took place in 2017 and caused over $2.3 billion in damage. Some of those hail stones were as big as golf balls! This damaging hailstorm caused Colorado homeowners to file over 100,600 insurance claims (NICB).

That storm took place over 5 years ago now, but it remains a stark reminder of how terrible Colorado storms can be. And every Colorado homeowner knows that it's only a matter of time until the next big hailstorm hits the state.

If you want to minimize your property damage far in advance, here's what you need to do.

Schedule A Roof Inspection

It's important to first establish a baseline for the current condition of your roofing system. If your shingles are already looking worse for wear or your roof has a leak, then you need to know about it!

Professional roofers will conduct a comprehensive evaluation of your roofing system. They'll inspect the interior of your attic and exterior of your roof for common signs of damage, like:

  • Dented, warped, or broken shingles
  • Loss of shingle granules
  • Damaged flashing (e.g., dents, rust, punctures, etc.)
  • Interior water damage
  • Light beams coming through your rafters
  • And more

If your home needs roof repairs, it's best to get them done before the next hailstorm hits.

Invest in Hail-Resistant Roofing

From Owen's Corning and CertainTeed to Malarkey and GAF, there are many roofing products to choose from these days. However, certain materials are more susceptible to hail damage and may not offer the best protection from the elements.

To keep your home in great shape, it's best to invest in high-quality materials on your roof. If possible, upgrade your roofing system to shingles that offer Class 4 Impact Resistance. This is the highest level that asphalt shingles can achieve (IKO).

You may also want to explore other hail-resistant roofing materials too. Metal roofing, for instance, can hold up well against hailstorms and torrential downpours alike.

Prune Tree Branches

We know that you love the trees that surround your home, but some tough love is needed to protect your property. Tree branches that are too close to a window or to your roof can damage your home during a storm.

The branches can suffer "wounds" from hail stones, which makes them weaker and more susceptible to breaking. If the branches don't break during the storm, they might later from high winds.

Do yourself a favor and keep your tree branches trimmed back. If you're not sure where to start when pruning, ask around for referrals for tree trimming services.

Review Your Insurance Coverage

Even if you take the right precautionary steps, it's still possible that your property will incur damage during a storm. That's why it's important to review your insurance policies now so that you can make adjustments to coverage if needed.

Read through the fine print of your homeowner's policy and pay close attention to:

  • The types of storm damage that are covered
  • Exceptions to your coverage
  • The amount of time you have following the storm to file a claim
  • And how to file a claim with your insurance company

Don't forget to take a look at your auto insurance coverage too (especially if you don't have a garage)!

Additional Tips to Minimize Home Storm Damage

  • If possible, opt for a steep-sloped roofing system on your home. Flat roofs suffer more severely from hail damage.
  • Upgrade to fiber-cement siding and impact-rated skylights and windows. These will be more durable to the heavy impacts of hail stones.
  • Cover or protect other exterior elements the day of. Take time to bring in patio furniture and cover other things with tarps to prevent damage.

Prepare Your Home for Hail with a Top-Rated Fort Collins Roofing Contractor

At Ethos Roofing & Restoration, we've supported Colorado homeowners through the worst hail seasons the state has ever seen. On every roofing project, we deliver quality service at an affordable price and can expertly address any storm damage repairs. Whether you want to prepare your home for hail or just need some roofing repair work done, we can support your roofing needs.

Contact Ethos today to schedule your FREE roof inspection with one of the top Fort Collins roofing companies.