Tips for Making Your Roofing in Fort Collins Last Longer

Thursday, 25 August 2022 19:15
Roofs are often overlooked until they fail or have large leaks, which can only be fixed with a full-blown roof replacement. As the roof is one of the most important parts of your home, you want to keep it in tip-top shape and working its best for as long as possible. There's no avoiding replacement forever, but that doesn't mean you can stretch the time before then. In fact, you can do several things to ensure that your roofing in Fort Collins, CO lasts longer.

Stick with our handy advice and you can enjoy peace of mind about your roof’s condition for a little while longer.

The Secrets to Long-Lasting Roofing in Fort Collins, CO

Are you looking for ways to improve the longevity of your roofing system? The answer simply lies in proper maintenance. If you want your roof to last for decades, follow these simple steps.

Consistent Maintenance

The easiest thing you can do to protect roofing and ensure it stays in good condition is regular maintenance. Keeping up on roof maintenance can fix small issues before they turn into major repairs or worse. When you have a consistent schedule for maintenance instead of only doing it here and there, you'll be more aware of any changes to the condition of your roof. Most roofers recommend that homeowners conduct roof maintenance at least twice a year.

Clean Your Roof

Mildew, mold, and dirt eat away at the integrity of roofing system when you allow it to sit there for long. Keeping your roof clean and clear will ensure it has a decent lifespan. Watch out for power washers as they can damage or rip off shingles. You can use a broom and dustpan to sweep off debris or even a leaf blower. To get rid of mold or mildew, you can generally use store-bought cleaners and a little elbow grease. Make sure you don’t miss any spots on your roof.

Trim Nearby Trees

Trees enhance any property and provide much-needed shade, but they can also do serious harm to your roofing system. Wind can scrape overhanging branches harshly against shingles, and those huge gusts can even cause tree branches to fall on your roof.

It’s also wise to trim tree branches because of the smaller dangers they pose. Accumulations of leaves, pine needles, and other debris on your roof can trap moisture, causing the shingles underneath to rot and break down. Trimming trees back will help stop them from growing up against your roof.

Make Sure Gutters Stay Clear

Gutters need to function perfectly in order for you to experience their full benefits. Clogs prevent them from redirecting water and natural debris away from your home and your roofing in Fort Collins, CO. Without a clear pathway, water can pool and leaves can rot right next to the roof or overflow onto it. Simply put, clogged gutters weaken your roof, leading to more cracks and leaks. Keep gutters free of debris by regularly cleaning them.

Get Roof Inspections

The roof is often out of sight and out of mind for most homeowners. Not everyone has the time to climb up to the roof on their own and see the state that it’s in, so problems go unnoticed until they've turned into a major disaster. That's why it's important to get an inspection a at least every year. An annual checkup will let you know if anything needs fixing. It will also give you the opportunity to ask questions about what you're seeing and how you can make it better.

Take Care of Shingles

If your roof has shingles, make sure you are taking care of them properly. The granules on shingles — fiberglass on the surface — protect the rest of the roofing system from the elements like wind, sun, snow, and hail. These granules can fall off, reducing the effectiveness of your shingles and how long your roof lasts. Gently clean shingles and quickly replace any with worn granules.

Get the Most Out of Your Roofing in Fort Collins, CO

Taking care of your roof extends its reliability, as do services from a leading roofing contractor. At Ethos Roofing and Restoration, we'll make sure your roof is strong and ready for anything. Whether it's a thorough inspection, complete repairs, or a replacement when your roof finally reaches the end of its life, we'll help you get the most out of your roof.

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