3 Trade Secrets From our Fort Collins Roofing Contractors

Friday, 07 January 2022 11:57

You have many trustworthy roofers near you who can likely handle your roofing project. However, most of those home service contractors are focused on one thing and one thing only: their bottom line. Many Fort Collins roofing contractors likely won't prioritize your needs and will look for ways to increase your final bill. But that isn't the case at Ethos.

For decades, we have aimed to prioritize homeowner education for all of our clients. We train our crew to provide educational insights during every home inspection and to go the extra mile for the customers' interests. That's why we're outlining key roofing insights that other roofing contractors won't tell you.

What Other Fort Collins Roofing Contractors Won't Tell You

Simply put, your roof is a big investment. If you fail to arm yourself with knowledge about your roofing system, you risk wasting money in the long run.

Make sure you keep these 3 key insights in mind when maintaining the condition of your home.

1. Ceiling Stains Take Time to Form

Ceiling stains are some of the most obvious signs that you have a roof leak. After all, where else would the moisture have come from to form that stain?

Many homeowners assume that a ceiling stain means your roof just started leaking. However, that is rarely ever the case.

Your roof is made of several protective layers. Beneath the shingles, there's an underlayment, ice and water shield barriers, plywood, and more. And inside of your attic, you likely have around 1 foot of insulation as well.

That means the stormwater has several layers to get through, which may take some time. Once you finally spot the ceiling stain, it may have taken months or even a full year to form. In that timeframe, your roof leak may have caused more significant damage elsewhere. When this happens, you need to contact a roofing contractor who can treat the damage without draining your wallet.

2. DIY Roofing May Void Your Warranty

Are you an avid DIYer? We know how valuable it can be to find ways to save some money by doing the work yourself. But when it comes to a roof repair project, it's best to call in professionals.

Your roof may have a warranty attached to it. That warranty may cover the costs of materials and labor for a limited amount of time (Angi). However, your warranty can become easily voided for many different reasons, such as:

  • Your materials are not properly maintained
  • Or the materials were not properly installed according to the manufacturer's specifications

Even something as small as not using the required number of fasteners can void your warranty.

If you do a few roof repairs on your own, then you'll likely void your warranty. So, your effort to save a few bucks now will likely end up costing you more down the line.

Plus, you run the risk of injuring yourself by attempting to tackle a project that requires a specialized skillset. That's why it's better to hire a professional roofing specialist.

3. Roofers Cannot "Handle" Insurance Claims

Across the roofing industry, you'll find many roofing businesses that state they'll "handle your insurance claim." While this might sound ideal to you, it's always a good idea to steer clear of these roofing services.

By law, contractors are prohibited from reaching an agreement with an insurance company regarding a loss or damage involving an insurance claim (Merlin Law Group). Only licensed attorneys or licensed public insurance adjusters can negotiate insurance claims on your behalf.

That said, contractors can (and should) discuss the damage they find and the repair costs with insurance adjusters. So, you can still have your contractor on-site during your adjuster's inspection to advocate on your behalf. But, they cannot legally "handle" your insurance claim for you.

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Our roofers are guided by core values of quality, integrity, and character. Education is at the center of our business model and we won't ever be dishonest with you. We are "on your side when disaster strikes," and that's much more than a tagline for our residential roofing company.

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