What to Expect When Working with Denver Roofing Companies

Thursday, 14 July 2022 13:12

Every roof needs some TLC from time to time. Whether you need a few roof repairs or a full roof replacement, it's best to hire roofing professionals to handle the work for you. But, what should you expect as a homeowner when you work with one of the many Denver roofing companies?

We've all heard contractor horror stories before and they can intimidate many homeowners. However, you don't need to worry about those risks when you hire a reputable roofing contractor.

Let's clear the air on what you can expect from your local roofing company.

Key Insights for Your Experience with Denver Roofing Companies

Simply put, there are many roofers in Denver and they are not all the same. Make sure you take your time, do your research, and vet full-service roofing contractors near you before you start to schedule inspections and consultations.

During those in-person appointments and throughout your project, you can expect the following things from your reliable roofer.

Proper Licensing & Insurance

Never hire a home repair specialist if they lack the necessary license to do the work. That license functions as a guarantee that your roofer knows what they're doing and will follow local building codes and best practices.

In Colorado, there is no statewide roofing license requirement for roofing contractors (CRA). Instead, roofing contractors must be licensed at the local city or county level. When you first meet with any Denver roofing companies, ask them to see a copy of their license to work in Denver.

It is also essential that your roofing expert carries the proper insurance policies too. These include:

  • General liability
  • Workman's compensation

Those policies will cover any on-the-job accidents/injuries or any damage caused to your home during the project. If your roofer does not have these insurance policies, it's best to look elsewhere for help.

Prompt and Professional Communication

Have you ever worked with a contractor who's terrible at communication? It's a frustrating experience that can slow down your home improvement project and make for a poor roofing experience.

The most reliable and dependable roofing companies will make communication a top priority on every roofing project. They should clearly communicate key details to you at every turn.

To evaluate a company's customer service capabilities, you can read through past customer reviews and testimonials. Look for any insights on their communication skills. You can also get a sense of this trait during phone consultations or roof inspections.

Insurance Education

In many cases, you may be able to get your roofing work covered by your homeowner's insurance provider. If your home has suffered hail damage or another type of storm damage, you can likely file a claim.

The top local roofers will be able to offer educational insights on the insurance claim process. Filing a claim can be a confusing and stressful ordeal, so those educational components will be very valuable for you.

That said, it's best to avoid roofing companies who will "handle your insurance claim." Across many states, it is actually illegal for a contractor to fully handle an insurance claim on behalf of a policyholder (ClaimsMate).

When it comes to your home insurance claim, you can expect your contractor to:

  • Offer insights on the claim process
  • Provide documentation to back up your claim
  • Meet with the adjuster from your insurance company at your home to act as your advocate

Work Warranties

Your home is a BIG investment. That's why it's important to look for roofers who offer roofing warranties.

A warranty will help cover future roofing services and can help minimize future exterior renovation costs. A quality roofer will offer an extensive warranty to cover the installed product so you don't have to spend a fortune down the line on extra roofing work.

If your roofer does not provide a warranty for their work, you should likely look elsewhere for roof repair work.

Efficient, Timely, and Quality Repairs

Regardless of your roof type or your roofing project, you can expect your roofer to deliver quick and efficient repairs (assuming you've already vetted them).

You deserve quality repairs that won't drag on for days, weeks, or even months! Assuming you've done your due diligence and reviewed several estimates, your roofer will deliver elite roofing work on a quick timeline.

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