What You Need to Know About Centennial Roofing Companies

Monday, 27 June 2022 10:57

You don’t have to look too far to find a roofing company near you these days. However, if you’re a new homeowner and need roofing services or have never thought about your roof before, it can be tough to know which roofer to hire or where to even start. In this blog, we’ll provide some insights on things to anticipate from a Centennial roofing company.

We recommend creating a list of at least 3-5 roofing professionals near you so you have a starting point in your research phase. As you gather up local options, keep these things in mind.

4 Signs of a Quality Centennial Roofing Company

1. The Best Quality Materials

The roofing industry is one of the biggest home improvement industries in America. In fact, the roofing industry has grown an average of 2.7% each year for the past several years (IBIS). That means you have plenty of options for materials, workmanship, and contractors themselves.

As you compare local options, be sure to consider what types of roofing materials each company offers. A good roofer will always utilize industry-leading materials that are top quality. GAF and Owen’s Corning are among the industry leaders for roofing shingles and other related materials, so make sure your roofing company uses one of those two brands.

2. Workmanship Guarantees

When it’s time to hire a roofing company in your area, remember to check for any types of work guarantees that a company can offer. Why? Because those guarantees can end up saving you tons of cash if a contractor delivers subpar work or leaves the job half-finished.

For instance, our work at Ethos is backed up by a $20,000 guarantee from Directorii. This protective guarantee covers you in the event of incomplete repairs or fraudulent business practices. It essentially ensures that we will deliver high-quality work for you.

At a bare minimum, your roofer’s guarantee should ensure that they will fix the job at little-to-no cost to you.

3. Exceptional Professionalism

When it comes to any exterior home repairs, professionalism is key. But what exactly does that mean? Professionalism means that a contractor stands behind their work, is promptly on time for appointments, prioritizes customer service, and only focuses on the work when they’re on the job.

In order to find a truly professional roofing company in Centennial, look for a roofer who is knowledgeable and takes pride in their work. The best roofing professionals will always clean up after themselves, will always take care when handling your personal information, and won’t ever pressure you into signing anything.

4. Emergency Roofing Services

As any Coloradan knows, we see plenty of storms in Centennial throughout the year. All it takes is one bad thunderstorm to knock over that tree in your backyard and significantly damage your roof.

Even if you don’t need emergency roof repairs today, it’s important to find a contractor who can provide those quick services. Why? Because then you’ll always have a roofing contractor in your back pocket to call later when disaster strikes.

At Ethos, we can happily provide emergency roof repair services when you need them. Our tagline is “On Your Side When Disaster Strikes,” so you can rest assured that we’ll be ready to lend a helping hand when you need it most.

Ethos: Your Trusted Provider in Centennial for Roofing Services

Our experienced roofing experts at Ethos Roofing & Restoration offer a number of roofing services, including roof repair, roof replacement, and more. After your FREE roofing inspection, we will provide expert recommendations on your most appropriate next steps and provide an accurate estimate for you. We’ve spent decades repairing and restoring roofs all across the Front Range and have the know-how to deliver top-rated repairs.

Contact Ethos today to set up your FREE roof inspection with our top-rated Centennial roofing company.