What To Do When You Need Emergency Roof Repair In Denver

Wednesday, 26 May 2021 10:36

A substantial storm rushes through and knocks a tree branch onto your roof. A nasty hail storm breaks your skylights and punctures your roof shingles. These are just a few examples of all too common roofing disasters that happen frequently in Colorado. When those incidents happen, you'll need to seek out providers of emergency roof repair in Denver.

Catastrophic roof damage needs to be repaired ASAP to avoid further property damage. But how do you get the process started after the storm passes? As a homeowner, what do you need to do to get your roof fully restored?

Don't worry, Ethos is here to provide helpful guidance for your emergency roofing needs.

7 Steps For Emergency Roof Repair In Denver

Just stick with these 7 steps and your emergency roof repairs will be completed in no time!

During The Storm

Believe it or not, there are a few preventative measures you can take during the storm to minimize your property damage. As you wait for the storm to pass, do your best to walk through these steps.

1. Turn Off The Power

Let's assume a tree branch has fallen on your roof during a storm. This large object can inflict serious damage to your roof and create several openings for water to seep into your home. This is the last thing you want to happen to your property for a few reasons:

  • Water can cause structural damage to the rest of your home and property damage to your belongings
  • The presence of moisture can lead to mold or mildew growths in your home, which can negatively impact your health in many ways (CDC)
  • Water could get into your electrical system and cause a fire

If possible during the storm, make your way to the breaker box and flip the switches off. This step might feel inconvenient, but it can help protect your home from further damage.

2. Stop The Water Damage

As we just mentioned, roof leaks have the potential to damage your belongings and the rest of your home. If the water seeps into your home and spreads, the restoration costs could be significant. Depending on the total extent and severity of the property damage, the average costs of water damage restorations can range from $1,201 to $5,094 (HomeAdvisor).

Your homeowner's insurance may be able to cover some of that damage, but you also need to think about your roofing costs too. If you want to avoid astronomical water damage restoration costs, then do what you can during the storm to minimize the water damage.

Place buckets under any leaks to catch dripping water. Cover and move your furniture and belongings out of the way to avoid water damage. Small actions like these can make a big difference in preventing water damage.

After The Storm

Once the damage is done and the sky is clear, your emergency roof repair in Denver can get underway. Here's what you'll need to do.

3. Contact A Storm Damage Restoration Contractor

To get your property fully restored, you'll need to work with a reputable storm damage repair contractor. Make sure that you find a roofing company that:

  • Has storm damage restoration experience
  • Is locally-based, reputable, and well-reviewed within the Denver community
  • Is professional, communicative, and transparent
  • Can supply the roofing materials you want
  • Offers FREE roofing inspections

We know you want to get your roof repaired ASAP, but try to take your time when comparing roofing contractors (if possible). It's best to get several estimates from various roofers to ensure you're getting the best deal possible for your emergency roofing needs.

4. Take Pictures Of The Damage

Following the storm, you may want to file an insurance claim with your insurance company to help cover the costs of your restorations. To strengthen your claim, you'll want to document the damage thoroughly.

Photos of the damage are not a requirement for most homeowner's insurance claims, but they can be invaluable for your claim (U.S. News). Be sure to take a few minutes to snap some photos of the damage.

Photos will add legitimacy to your claim and improve your odds of being approved. You may also ask your contractor for pictures of the damage, which they'll take during their inspection of your home.

5. File Your Insurance Claim

This is exactly what your homeowner's insurance policy is for: to protect you financially from uncontrollable disasters.

You'll need to file your homeowner's insurance claim ASAP following the storm. The sooner you submit your claim, the better.

And the more detailed your claim is, the better chances you have of getting it approved. Be sure to include documentation of the damage (and any before photos that you may have too).

After you file your claim, you'll need to schedule a time for your insurance adjuster's inspection. If possible, try to have your contractor present for that inspection. Your contractor will act as your advocate and be able to voice concerns with the adjusters' findings, which may benefit your claim.

6. Make Temporary Repairs

Even if you need emergency roof repairs, there's not always a guarantee that the repairs can be made the same day. It's possible that your roofers may not be able to get started for a day or two due to the insurance adjuster's inspection or other scheduling conflicts.

If your repairs cannot commence quickly, then it's in your best interest to make temporary repairs to your roof. These could be as simple as:

  • Fastening a plastic tarp over the damaged area
  • Readhering roof shingles that are curling, loose, or missing
  • Applying additional roofing cement to cracked joints and the edges of flashing to reseal the roof

Remember to keep track of those temporary repairs and to keep your receipts.

7. Get Your Emergency Roof Repairs Scheduled And Finished

Once your claim is approved, the final step is simple: repair your roof storm damage in Denver, CO.

Get your emergency roof repairs scheduled with your preferred contractor as soon as you can to restore your property and avoid further damage.

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