When Do You Need To Call A Pro For Roofing In Fort Collins?

Saturday, 07 December 2019 01:55

There is a lot that you can do on your own. There’s no discounting that to tools available to the average homeowner have undergone considerable improvements over the last few years. Just because you can do something, like repair your roof, on your own doesn’t necessarily mean you should. Your roof is one of the only things standing between you and the elements. While Colorado is known for 300+ days of sunshine, it’s also known for volatile weather systems that seem to come out of nowhere. If you don’t want those unpredictable storms making their debut in your living room, you may want to consider having a professional come out to handle your roofing in Fort Collins. Let’s discuss the signs that indicate your roof damage might be more than you can handle.

Do You Really Need Professional Roofing In Fort Collins?

Owning a home can be an expensive endeavor - especially in the Colorado area where the average value of a home is anywhere from 25% to 75% above the national average. That being said, it’s not an investment you want to skimp on. If a storm or general wear and tear over the years have left your roof in disarray, you may need a professional handle your roofing in Fort Collins. Even if you don’t, wouldn’t you rather be safe than sorry?

Some circumstances more obviously warrant professional roofing services than others. If there’s a gaping hole in your roof because a storm has caused a tree to fall into your property, you’ll definitely want to call an experienced roofer in your area to take care of the damage swiftly. If a few shingles started to curl in a localized area, but you just had your entire roofing system replaced the year prior, you probably don’t need to call professional roofers just yet. If you’re one of the many homeowners whose roof damage is somewhere in between those two extremes, you may need some guidance. That’s where Ethos comes in. Let’s discuss whether or not you actually need professional roofing in Fort Collins.

What Do You Know About Roofing?

This is the first question you’ll want to ask yourself. Are you familiar with the various elements that go into a high-quality and durable roof? A roof is comprised of multiple levels, the shingles only being one part of a very complex system. Your shingles may be fine, but the decking underneath is damaged. Likewise, the overall structure of your roof could be in good shape, but damaged flashing could lead to problems down the line. You’ll want to be sure you’re in a position to identify all the opportunities for a threat to wreak havoc on your home before you write off professional roofing in Fort Collins.

What Does You Insurance Policy Entail?

A DIY roofing project could get you into some murky water when it comes to your insurance coverage and what your policy will pay for. Without expertise, you could be doing more harm than good while you’re up on the roof. This could lead to more damage, or worse - a claim of negligence from your insurance company. If you’re hoping to get damage repairs covered by your insurance company, your best bet is to hire established and reputable professionals for your roofing needs.

How Long Do You Want Your Roof To Last?

Handling the roofing on your Fort Collins home alone may be a cheaper option in the short term, but you likely won’t be able to reap the benefits credited companies have through their relationships with manufacturers. For example, Ethos General Contractors is Master Elite Certified by GAF. With this accreditation, we are one of the only companies out there who can offer the Golden Pledge warranty which covers not only the materials but also the craftsmanship of any repair or replacement we do. This means that later down the line, should a problem arise, you’re less likely to have any unexpected out of pocket costs. When you handle your roofing on your own without much experience, you’re not likely to find any kind of warranty support to protect the work you’re doing.

Do You Have The Right Materials?

We understand that having damage to a small portion of your roof may make hiring a professional team to handle the repairs seem over the top. However, we can extend a few cost-related benefits to you that can actually make a seemingly extravagant investment much more affordable than going it alone. Consider your shingles. Maybe you only need to replace a handful, but you’ll have to purchase an entire palette, as well as all the tools you’ll need to install to make the repair. Once you’ve taken care of it, you’ll have hundreds of shingles that have been paid for going to waste. When you hire professionals to handle your roofing in Fort Collins, yes, there will be a cost for the service, but you’ll also eliminate the costs of unnecessary materials.

Have You Ever Been On Your Roof?

Perhaps one of the most essential considerations in a DIY roofing project is the bodily risk you’re exposing yourself to. Have you ever been on a sloped-roof and tried to maneuver around it? It can be challenging, even for an experienced roofer, so we strongly encourage the layman not to risk it. At the end of the day, your physical safety is more important than perceived savings that may happen if you do your roofing yourself.

Your Partner For Roofing In Fort Collins

Ethos General Contractors is a leading provider of roofing in Fort Collins. From minor repairs to complete replacements, we’re well versed in the proper protocols that will ensure a successful and lasting roofing project.

If your home has been damaged by a recent storm or it’s been a few years since you’ve had your roofing system looked at, give Ethos a call for the highest-quality roofing in Fort Collins.