Why It's Best to Call the Pros for Roof Repair in Denver, CO

Friday, 28 January 2022 11:52

Are you an avid DIYer? If so, you're likely up prepared to take on any home improvement challenge. But, what about your roofing system? Should you DIY your roofing project? When it comes to roof repair in Denver, CO, it's best to leave that to the professionals.

DIY roofing is rarely ever a good idea, especially when there are so many reputable roofers out there. Here's why.

4 Reasons to Avoid DIY Roof Repair in Denver, CO

Today we'll outline the top four reasons to seek out residential roofing services over the DIY approach.

1. The Work Can Be Hazardous

Fixing a leaky roof isn't the same as fixing a leaky sink. To repair your roof, you'll need to physically work on the top exterior of your home. This poses a significant risk for your physical health, as you may slip and fall.

In fact, roofing is frequently considered to be one of the most dangerous industries to work in (ISHN). And since you don't have access to the safety equipment used by professional roofers, you're at even greater risk of injury.

If you did get injured from a slip and fall accident, you'll still be on the hook for your medical expenses as well. Play it safe and call a roofing company instead.

2. DIY Repairs May Void Your Warranty

Your roofing system may have several existing warranties to help cover things like a roof replacement or a few repairs (Owens Corning). These may include:

  • A manufacturer warranty on the shingles and roofing products
  • A workmanship warranty from your contractor
  • Or an extended manufacturer's warranty to cover the aforementioned warranties

These warranties can help you save tons of money on your roof installation. However, the fine print of these warranties can complicate your repair process.

Believe it or not, DIY roof repairs may actually void any existing warranties. This is because those warranties have very specific directions about installations, repairs, and maintenance.

If your DIY repairs do not match the directions outlined in your manufacturer's warranty, then your warranty will become useless.

It's also worth noting that DIY repairs may complicate the insurance claim process. Homeowner's insurance policies come with tons of fine print as well. And most insurance companies will not cover damage caused to a DIY roof.

3. The Costs May Be Higher for You

Do-it-yourself projects can usually help you save some money. However, the same cannot be said for roofing projects.

Roofing contractors have established relationships with suppliers of quality products and materials. This allows them to get bulk discounts and take advantage of volume buying to get the best possible price on various materials, like shingles, flashings, and more.

You'll need to purchase those materials on your own in smaller quantities. This means you'll pay premium prices for those quality materials, which will drive up the total costs of your project.

In addition, it's important to consider any future expenses for roofing rework. As a DIYer, you aren't a roofing expert. That means you'll likely make some mistakes that will need to be remedied by roofing specialists down the line.

4. Your Roof is Just Too Important

Your roof is the most important structure of your entire home. Without a functional roof, you won't have a protective layer to shield your home from the elements. As such, you risk damaging the condition of your home in many ways.

If you misdiagnose the cause of your leaky roof, you could inadvertently inflict serious damage to the rest of your property. Don't let one mistake get the best of you. Get a roofing business to handle your storm damage repairs.

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