Your Guide To Filing A Hail Damage Insurance Claim In Denver

Monday, 30 July 2018 16:36

Storm or hail damage is a beast of a problem to encounter, especially in the spring and summer seasons when one storm is followed by another. The Denver area knows this better than most, with the tumultuous nature of the weather here. If you find your property has been hit by a storm, you are not only rushing to find a qualified, reliable contractor to inspect and repair the damage but you also get pulled into the complex process of filing a storm or hail damage insurance claim in Denver. To help you navigate the damage repair process, we've put together this guide to storm damage and insurance claims.

Understanding Your Insurance Policy

Every state and every insurance agency is going to have slightly different details included in their standard homeowner's policies. Many states do include hail damage in the standard protection coverage, but that's not necessarily true for all policies, so it is important that you read through the options made available by your insurance agency before selecting a policy. If the standard policy doesn't cover hail damage and you live in the Denver area, you may want to consider additional coverage for your property.

Another factor to consider is the potential for a “cosmetic damage exclusion.” After Hurricane Katrina and other serious storms, many insurers decided that this new exclusion should apply to storm and hail damage insurance claims. The goal with the cosmetic damage exclusion was to limit losses when extreme weather causes significant damage. The "cosmetic damage exclusion" allows insurance companies to exclude payments for damages to exterior surfaces if the storm damage impacts appearance, but not function. By excluding these costs, insurance agencies can help keep the premiums lower. However, if you do need to file a hail damage insurance claim in Denver, we recommend bringing your contractor out to the property when the insurance adjuster comes to look at the damage. You want to confirm that any cosmetic damage that might not be covered by your insurance is, in fact, just cosmetic.

How To File Your Hail Damage Insurance Claim In Denver

Let's walk through the steps necessary to file a hail damage insurance claim in Denver.

  1. After a storm, the first thing you want to do is see whether or not there is cause for concern. If you think there is even the slightest possibility of damage, it doesn't hurt to bring a pro out to confirm whether or not you need repair work done.
  2. Look through both your homeowner's insurance policy and manufacturer's warranties to make sure that you have all the details that might be needed should you decide to file a hail damage insurance claim in Denver.
  3. Compile any details and photos or videos you have of the storm. Submitting these are not required to file a hail damage insurance claim in Denver, but they often help establish the authenticity of your case.
  4. Contact both your trusted contractor and your insurance agency to schedule a time for both parties to come inspect the damage. Do this as soon after the damage occurs as possible.
  5. Make time to discuss the findings face-to-face so that your contractor can voice any concerns with the insurance adjusters findings.

Once the inspection is completed, your insurance agency will decide whether or not to approve or reject your damage claim. This is based on the severity of the damage, your specific property materials, where your home is in relation to the storm, and the insurance company's evaluation criteria.

Regardless of whether or not your claim is approved, you will need to work with your contractor to provide an estimate for the hail damage repairs or roof replacement. If your insurance claim is approved, you will be responsible for the deductible while your insurance company pays the rest of the agreed cost of damage. It is for this reason that you want to involve an experienced contractor in your process of filing a hail damage insurance claim in Denver. They'll be able to voice your concerns over the scope of work and be there to get started on the repairs when you need them.

If your property has been affected by recent storms, contact the pros at Ethos General Contractors today. We excel at hail damage repairs and we've seen a number of families file hail damage insurance claims in Denver. Give us a call today to get the support that you need.