To keep your home in tip-top shape all year round, it's important to get your roof checked regularly. Most companies in the roofing industry recommend scheduling biannual inspections with professionals. But what exactly are roofers assessing during a professional roof inspection in Denver?

Colorado is well known for its variable weather conditions, but how does that affect your roof? After all, we see plenty of hail storms, high winds, and intense storms throughout the year. As a top roofer in Fort Collins, CO, we’ve got the scoop on what to expect from our weather and tips on how to keep your roofing system healthy!

Every roof inevitably needs to be replaced. Even top-rated roofing materials break down over time. If it's time for you to search Denver for roof replacement services, it's helpful to understand what you can expect from the process.

At Ethos Roofing & Restoration, we've been repairing roofs all across the Colorado Front Range for decades. Throughout that time, we've seen plenty of roofs and the problems they can encounter. As your trusted Parker roofer, we're here to break down the most common types of roofing issues that we see every day.