5 Frequent Roof Repairs in Mobile, Alabama

Monday, 17 October 2022 15:32
Whether it's due to a sudden storm or gradual aging, your roof will suffer from some form of structural deterioration. Damage can take many forms and negatively affect your roof. At Ethos, we're familiar with just about everything when it comes to roof repairs in Mobile, Alabama, and are ready to help address any problem with your roof.

We've been helping people repair or replace their roofs for decades. Let's look at the five most common roof repair jobs we see.

What You Need to Know About Roof Repairs in Mobile, Alabama

Roofing projects always require some adaptation and customization. Roof repair projects vary from simple jobs (like replacing a few shingles) to complicated ones (such as removing whole sections of the roof). If your damage is widespread and cannot be repaired quickly, then a complete roof replacement will probably be best for your purposes.

If you want to know more about your specific project scope and what kind of repairs you need, contact our expert roofer in Mobile, AL for a free roof inspection. They'll be able to provide an accurate assessment of your current situation and offer personalized recommendations for your needs.

Here are the five most common types of repairs we handle all the time:

1. Shingle Repairs

Shingles vary in strength from 3-tab to tile shingles and more, but even the toughest materials can be damaged by weather and other unforeseen circumstances.

The following are some of the most common types of shingle damage we’ve seen:

  • Granule Loss - As time passes, your shingles may lose their granules, making them less effective.
  • Shingle Breakage - If a shingle has been exposed to harsh weather conditions, such as severe wind and hail storms, then it may break.
  • Split Shingles - When temperatures fluctuate drastically, shingles may crack and split open.
  • Curling – Shingle edges may curl inward or outwards because of a lack of moisture or excessive heat.
  • Blistering - Roofs with poor ventilation can lead to blisters on shingles.
  • Water Damage Shingles in Valleys - The valleys in your roof see more water flow than other areas, which makes them more prone to moisture damage and wear.
Many roof repairs aren’t major issues, but you should still have them fixed sooner rather than later. It’s worth noting that certain issues, like blistering shingles, are signs of more extensive problems that will need urgent work.

2. Fascia Replacement

Fascia boards protect the lower edge of your roof and are installed horizontally along the perimeter of your roof during roof installation.

These are designed to prevent wind and rain from damaging your home's interiors and roof. They also increase drainage efficiency, help prevent water damage, and improve home aesthetics.

Your fascia boards can be damaged in many different ways over the years. These include:

  • Rotting wood
  • Growths of mold, fungi, or algae
  • Cracks and holes
  • Animal/pest damage
  • Bowing/warping
Most often, damaged fascia boards must be completely replaced by a roofing contractor. That said, there are times when your roofer may just fix a small part of the fascia board.

3. Gutter Maintenance and Repairs

Gutter systems help prevent water damage by directing rainwater away from your home. They protect against all kinds of property damages, including roof rot, animal infestations, foundation cracks, and more.

Sadly, many homeowners neglect to maintain their gutters during the winter months, which means they don't get cleaned out until the following summer. Accumulated debris will eventually clog up your gutters and lead them to malfunction.

When one part of your gutter system fails, it usually requires replacement.

4. Flashing Repairs

Roofers often install roof flashing to protect crucial parts of roofs from water damage. Flashing is installed on chimneys, walls, and dormers where the roof meets a vertical wall.

If your flashing is not properly attached, water can leak under your shingles and can cause your roof to rot and may lead to further deterioration.

Luckily, fixing flashing issues is usually a straightforward roof repair process. Your roofing contractor will just replace the flashing with new, high-quality materials.

If the flashing issues don't get resolved soon, they could cause serious structural damage to the roof. Once you've reached that point, you'll probably need to replace your entire roof.

5. Interior Leaks

If your roof leaks, that water may cause extensive damage to your home. This cannot be cured with a few roof repairs. If you see any of these signs, your roof is probably leaking:
  • Dark spots on your ceiling
  • Exterior wall growths
  • Water droplets in the attic
  • Your pipes are wet or rusty
Most homeowners won't know where the water leak is coming from until they hire an expert. You'll need to contact a residential roofer to pinpoint the source of the roof leak and fix it. Once the source of the leak is identified, you can proceed with the appropriate repairs.

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