6 Steps to Find Reliable Pros in Baldwin County for Roofing

Thursday, 01 December 2022 17:13

Just like any homeowner, you hope to get the best service for your home. As such, when you need Baldwin County roofing services, you'll want to hire a reputable roofer who is close by and delivers quality work. But that is often harder than it seems. With hundreds of roofing companies available, there might be some unreliable ones out there. But don't worry! There are many trustworthy roofing services available right now.

Since our company was founded over a decade, one of our top priorities at Ethos has been homeowner education. That's why we've developed this 6-step guide to help you find a reliable roofing company.

How to Find Trustworthy Baldwin County Roofing Services

When looking for roofing companies, you'll want to follow some basic guidelines before hiring one.

Trust Is Important When Hiring a Contractor

You need to be able to completely trust any home service provider you hire. Why? Because they will be directly modifying your property, which could either help or hurt your bottom line.

Roofing scams are unfortunately common, and many homeowners fall victim each year to contractors who follow practices like:

  • Overpromising
  • Demanding payments upfront
  • Misleading you on the existing damage or additional harm they have caused
  • Hidden fees

Because shady practices are common among some roofing contractors in Baldwin County, it's important to be aware of their tactics before hiring a company.

Make sure you follow these steps when deciding whether or not to trust a roofing contractor:

1. Get Referrals from Those You Know

Google is the first place that most people go to find a roofer, and while it can be insightful, turning to your friends, family, and trusted colleagues can be just as helpful.

Before going on any search engines, ask your personal network if there's a local roofing contractor they would recommend. If they've had positive experiences working with a specific roofer, it's more likely that referral is going to provide high-quality work and dependable roofing services. And if your close connection had their roofing experience recently, that’s even better; it means you can trust that you'll receive a similar level of service from that contractor.

2. Verify the Roofer's Qualifications

You must do your homework before hiring any roofer to make sure they're credible. At the very least, you'll want to check if they have all the certifications or licenses they may need to work on roofs.

For instance, Ethos currently holds a Master Elite Contractor certification from GAF, a leading national manufacturer of roofing materials. This is an exclusive certification that only 2% of roofers in North America hold and must renew annually. That certification also means that our roofers:

  • Are fully insured and licensed
  • Receive ongoing training from GAF for the latest roofing technologies and best practices
  • Maintain great standings with the BBB and other rating agencies
  • Can offer industry-leading warranties to keep your home well-protected

3. Read Customer Reviews

It’s a good idea to always check out previous clients' reviews before hiring a home service professional. These reviews provide useful insights into the quality of the contractor and the typical client experience.

When researching roofing companies for your shortlist, look up their third-party reviews on sites like:

Look for both positive and negative reviews of the business on multiple sites for a more balanced perspective on the company.

4. Have a One-on-One with Your Roofer

When you're narrowing down your final list of contractors, it helps to speak directly to them and ask questions. That discussion will give you a chance to assess the quality, professionalism, competence, and integrity of your prospective roofing contractor.

Each roof inspection should be treated as an interview. Make sure to prepare some questions in advance so you know exactly what to ask. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Request proof of coverage (i.e., worker’s comp, liability insurance)
  • Ask to see their license to work
  • Ask for details about payment plan options and how the costs break down
  • Ask if any of your work will be subcontracted by someone else and ask for their contact info
  • Ask about a lien waiver to ensure any suppliers and subcontractors are paid
  • Ask for references

The responses from your contractor should provide you with comfort about their expertise and help you feel confident about the project.

5. Get It in Writing

Always ask for written estimates before signing any contracts. Never start roofing project without a formal written contract, confirming its terms, and signing it.

Be sure to discuss everything about the agreement with the contractor before signing anything. Make sure that it includes all the important details, including things like:

  • A detailed plan for the entire project
  • An overview of costs for materials, building permits, labor, and any other related items
  • The exact start and end dates
  • Contact information
  • Licenses and insurance policies
  • Information on any applicable warranties
  • And more

If your contract is incomplete or partially blank, then there could be something wrong. Make sure everything is clear before signing on the dotted line.

6. Trust Your Instincts

Before making your hiring decision, carefully consider all of your collected information and compare bids against each other.

It can be quite overwhelming trying to keep track of everything at once. After doing so much research, you’re probably mentally exhausted and ready to start working on your roofing project. But this isn’t a decision you should rush.

If you've compiled a list of your top choices and still struggle to choose a roofer, then trust your gut instinct.

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