6 FAQs Answered On Storm Damage Repair In Mobile, AL

Monday, 19 July 2021 12:44

People all across Alabama enjoy plenty of bright, sunny days throughout the year. That said, there's no shortage of severe storms each year. Anything from intense thunderstorms to torrential tropical storms can damage your roof. How can you determine the full extent of the damage? What are the steps you need to take to restore the damaged property? As we have years of experience doing storm damage repair in Mobile, AL, we're here to provide some insightful guidance for you.

Since 2006, our roofers at Ethos have been repairing, replacing, and restoring roofs. Our roofers are very knowledgeable about every step of the storm restoration process. That's why today we're using our industry knowledge to answer the top questions concerning storm damage repairs.

Your In-Depth FAQ Guide To Storm Damage Repair In Mobile, AL

Storm-related restorations can be tough to navigate, from hail damage repair to water damage repair. Our helpful FAQ guide will give you peace of mind about the process.

1. How Can I Tell If My Roof Has Been Damaged By A Storm?

There are many ways in which storm damage can be present on your roof. The most obvious sign of damage is a fallen tree, of course. However, it isn't always that easy to spot storm damage on your roof.

There are some signs of storm damage that can only be revealed during an in-depth inspection by a roofing professional. The most common signs of roof storm damage include:

  • Missing or loose shingles
  • Roof shingles that are broken, cracked, dented, or warped
  • Dysfunctional, loose, or decaying gutter systems
  • Rusted, dented, or loose flashing
  • Structural damage (e.g., sagging roof, uneven surfaces, etc.)

2. Where Else Can Storm Damage Be Found On My Property?

Your roof's exterior is not the only part of your property that may have been damaged by a recent storm. Other areas of your home may have suffered damage from the stormy weather as well. Here are just a few examples of where storm damage may be present on your property:

  • Interior storm damage (e.g., dark water stains on ceilings/walls, light beams peeking through your roofing structure, mold damage, etc.)
  • Siding storm damage (e.g., dented or broken siding, loose/warped boards, etc.)
  • Window storm damage (i.e., scratched, broken, or dysfunctional windows)

Anyone can spot many of these common signs of damage. However, the full extent of your storm damage can only be properly determined by a contracting professional.

3. What Is The Storm Restoration Process Like?

Every storm restoration project is slightly different from the last one. Generally speaking, your storm restorations in Mobile, AL will follow several crucial steps. You'll need to:

  1. Assess the total extent of the storm damage with a reliable roofing contractor.
  2. File an insurance claim to cover the costs of your restorations (if possible).
  3. Schedule your adjuster's inspection.
  4. Work to get as much of your property restorations covered by your insurer as possible.
  5. Schedule your storm damage restorations with your contractor.

4. Will My Homeowner's Insurance Cover My Storm Damage Repairs?

Assuming you've been diligent with your home maintenance/upkeep and the roof damage was caused by a recent storm, your homeowner's insurance should cover your property restorations.

However, we should note every homeowner's policy is different and the perils covered in your policy may be unique as well (The Balance). Be sure to carefully review your homeowner's insurance policy first so you know exactly what kinds of damage are covered. Typically, most homeowner's insurance policies will cover storm damage caused by the following events:

  • Hail storms
  • Intense winds
  • Water and ice
  • Fallen trees and other falling objects
  • Lightning strikes and power surges

Standard homeowner's insurance policies do not cover all storm damage. For instance, property damage caused by earthquakes or floods is not covered by standard homeowner's policies. You'll almost always need policy add-ons to cover earthquake damage and flood damage.

5. What Should I Do Before The Insurance Adjuster Arrives?

Your insurance company will need to evaluate the accuracy of your claim after you file a roof insurance claim in Mobile, AL. To do this, they will send out an insurance adjuster to inspect your property and verify the details of your claim.

Unfortunately, adjusters can be very busy and they might not be able to inspect your property until the following week. This may pose a problem for you. The longer you wait, the worse the property may become.

Fortunately, your homeowner's insurance policy may allow you to make temporary repairs to prevent further widespread damage to your property (Insurance Information Institute). Tarps are usually the best mitigation tool as they can be installed on your roof quickly to keep out water. Your insurer may also have recommendations for temporary repairs, so it might be worth contacting them first.

If you need to make temporary repairs, remember to keep your receipts. Any purchases you make on materials for temporary repairs will be counted towards your total settlement.

6. How Does The Insurance Payout Impact The Payment Process?

For a moment, let's assume that your storm damage insurance claim has been approved. How will your insurer pay for the restorations? It's not always a cut-and-dry process.

In most cases, your insurer will send you a series of checks in the mail that total your claim amount. Your adjuster may even cut your first check during their inspection. But typically, these checks roll in gradually over a week or two.

The payout of your policy will function more like a reimbursement. After the completion of your roofing project, you will be expected to pay either a portion of the cost or the whole cost of the restorations to your contractor.

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