Repair vs Replacement? Insights From Our Roofers in Mobile, AL

Thursday, 12 October 2023 18:00

In the roofing industry, there is a common question: should you repair or replace your roof? This decision can be challenging if you don't know much about your roofing system. As experienced roofers in Mobile, AL, we are here to offer guidance and help you make an informed choice.

Roof damage should be taken seriously, as even a small opening can result in significant damage to your entire home. It is important to carefully consider various factors when deciding on the best way to repair your roof.

Roofers in Mobile, AL Weigh in: Repair or Replace Your Roof?

The average lifespan of a roofing system is approximately 20-30 years. Opting for a higher-quality roofing material may extend the lifespan even further.

Roof repairs can temporarily extend the lifespan of your roof, but eventually, a roof replacement will be necessary as no roof can last forever.

When to Repair Your Roof

Roof repairs include various services such as fixing leaks, replacing damaged shingles, or realigning gutters. Many cases of wind or hail damage can be promptly resolved with a few repairs.

However, repairs may not be suitable for every situation. It is advisable to consider asking yourself or consulting a professional roofing contractor on a few questions like:

  • How old is your roof? - If your roof is approaching 20 years old, it may be a good idea to consider replacing it
  • What is the current condition of your roof? - If the damage is limited to a specific area, repairs may be enough to fix it
  • How long do you plan to stay in this house? - Installing a new roof can increase the value of your home, while making a few repairs can also be beneficial.

When to Get a Roof Replacement

A roof replacement involves the removal of old materials to expose the deck underneath, addressing repairs to the sheathing, rafters, and trusses, and installing a new system on top of your home.

There are a few clear signs when you need a new roof. Is your roof sagging? Did a tree fall on your house? Has the damage affected multiple areas? If any of these cases apply to you, then you will most likely need a new roofing system.

Consider the questions mentioned above and assess if you have a valid insurance claim. If applicable, your homeowner's insurance policy might cover the expenses of replacing your roof.

Pros and Cons of Roofing Repairs

Still unsure? Dive into the pros and cons of these roofing services to help inform your decision.


  • Roof repairs are a more cost-effective option compared to complete replacements. According to Forbes, minor repairs such as patching a few small leaks could cost as little as $150
  • Repairs are typically completed within a few hours and generally do not take longer than a day
  • Repairing your roof can help extend its lifespan, giving you more time to prepare


  • Matching the colors of your replacement shingles with your old ones can be challenging, depending on your roofing contractor
  • Mobile, AL roofing crews that lack the necessary qualifications may result in inadequate workmanship and substandard repairs, which can potentially cause further roofing problems
  • Superficial repairs may not effectively solve the underlying issues with your roof

Pros and Cons of Replacing Your Roof

In contrast, a roof replacement is a substantial home improvement project that has its own set of benefits and drawbacks.


  • All roofing issues, including those below the shingles, will be resolved
  • Installing a new roof can be a practical solution in the long term, as it generally has a longer lifespan compared to minor repairs
  • Improving your curb appeal can increase the value of your home
  • Installing a new roof can often result in improved home energy efficiency and reduced utility expenses


  • The process of completing a roof replacement usually takes at least one full day, if not longer. It should be noted that the replacement of high-end materials, like tile roofing, may require additional time (Angi)
  • A roof replacement is a significant financial commitment, with the average national cost for a new roof being approximately $8,000 (Forbes)
  • The roof renovations will require extra materials and labor

Schedule Your Roof Inspection with Our Mobile, AL Roofers

Determining whether a roof replacement or repairs are more suitable for your home can only be determined after thoroughly evaluating your property in person.

Ethos Roofing & Restoration offers free roof inspections. One of our Mobile, AL roofing professionals will come to your property to assess any roof damage.

After conducting a comprehensive inspection, we will determine the underlying causes of the damage and provide recommendations for resolving the issues. This will ensure that you can make the best decision for your home and have peace of mind.

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