3 Secrets from Our Roofing Contractors in Mobile, AL

Friday, 22 December 2023 23:16

There are plenty of roofers near you who can handle your project. But beware, many of them are only interested in their own profits. They won't prioritize your needs and will try to inflate your bill. However, at Ethos, things are different.

At our company, we take homeowner education seriously. Our roofing contractors in Mobile, AL are trained to go above and beyond during every home inspection, providing valuable insights and going the extra mile for our customers. And guess what? We're about to spill the tea on some key roofing insights that other contractors won't dare to share.

What Other Roofing Contractors in Mobile, AL Won't Share

Your roof is a significant investment, so it is important to have knowledge about your roofing system to prevent potential financial losses in the future.

Transform your home with these 3 essential insights for maintaining its pristine condition.

1. Ceiling Stains Develop Slowly

Ceiling stains are often an indicator of a roof leak, as the moisture causing the stain usually comes from the roof.

Some homeowners mistakenly believe that a ceiling stain is a clear sign of a recent roof leak, but this is frequently not the case.

Your roof consists of multiple layers for protection, including shingles, underlayment, ice and water shield barriers, plywood, and additional materials. Additionally, there is typically around 1 foot of insulation inside the attic.

Stormwater takes time to penetrate those multiple layers. A ceiling stain may not appear for months or even a year. By then, the roof leak could have caused significant damage. It is important to contact a roofing contractor in these situations. They can fix the damage without incurring high costs.

2. DIY Roofing Risks Voiding the Warranty

DIY projects can be a cost-effective option for many tasks, but when it comes to roof repair, it's better left to the professionals.

A warranty may be included with your roof, providing coverage for materials and labor for a limited period. However, there are multiple factors that can invalidate the warranty:

  • The materials are not being adequately maintained
  • The materials have not been installed correctly according to the manufacturer's specifications

Don't let a missing fastener cost you your warranty!

By taking matters into your own hands and attempting some DIY roof repairs, you might inadvertently kiss your warranty goodbye. There is also a risk of personal injury when attempting a project that requires specialized skills. It is recommended to hire a professional roofing specialist for all roofing matters.

3. Roofers Cannot "Handle" Insurance Claims

Steer clear of roofing companies that promise insurance claim handling.

According to the law, contractors are not allowed to reach an agreement with an insurance company regarding a loss or damage involving an insurance claim. Only licensed attorneys or licensed public insurance adjusters have the authority to negotiate insurance claims on your behalf.

Contractors should discuss the damage and repair costs with insurance adjusters and can be present during the adjuster's inspection to protect your interests. However, it is important to understand that contractors are not authorized to handle your insurance claim.

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