6 Top Signs You Need to Contact Fairhope Roofers

Monday, 25 April 2022 13:35

As we head into the summer, homeowners need to prepare for the storms to come. Summertime in Alabama means heavy rains, tropical storms, and more. As such, you'll want to ensure your property is ready for what's to come. That's where our Fairhope roofers come into play.

We've rounded up the top six signs that it's time to give your roofing contractor a call. If your roof is damaged and you notice these signs, you must be proactive about your repairs to maintain the condition of your home.

How to Tell It's Time to Call Your Local Fairhope Roofers

Whether you have a metal roof or a tile roof, your roofing system will become damaged over time. However, it can be challenging for homeowners to recognize signs of storm damage. This article will provide some guidance on how to spot those signs of damage when inspecting your home.

Get into the habit of periodically inspecting your roof on your own. It's a good idea to inspect your roof at least twice a year, but it's even better if you inspect it after each storm.

Exterior Signs of Damage

1. Loose or Missing Shingles

Are any of your asphalt shingles loose or missing? If so, you need to book roof repair services ASAP.

Missing shingles provides a window for moisture, pests, and more to infiltrate your roofing system. This can lead to widespread damage and disrepair if left untreated.

2. Warped or Broken Shingles

Roofing contractors in Alabama always pay close attention to the condition of each roofing product. If any shingles look warped, cracked, or discolored, then it's likely time to replace them. Those shingles have likely become dysfunctional and may be negatively impacting the condition of your property.

3. Accumulations of Granules

Your shingles are literally covered in thousands of granules, and those little bumps serve many important purposes. Just to name a few, your granules help with:

  • UV Protection
  • Durability
  • Aesthetics
  • And more

Over time, the weather will strip the granules from your shingles, which can then accumulate in your gutter systems. If you notice this roofing issue, then it's time to call your local roofer in Baldwin County.

4. Damage to Exterior Structures

During your exterior inspection, don't forget to check for damage around your roof openings. Your chimneys and vents are protected by things like flashing and sealant, but those roofing materials can become damaged too.

Keep an eye on those products. If you notice they are dented, rusted, or otherwise damaged, they need to be replaced.

Interior Signs Of Damage

It's generally best to call in Fairhope roofers to handle the exterior inspections for you. However, you can check for internal signs of roofing damage without having to worry about your safety. Be on the lookout for these key signs of damage.

5. Water Stains and Discoloration on Ceilings

Have you noticed any water stains on your ceilings or walls? If so, it may be a sign of a roof leak.

Even a small leak in your roof can lead to significant water damage over time. The moisture will find its way inside and travel to other areas of your home. This often results in water stains on ceilings or walls.

6. Light is Sneaking Into Your Attic

Take a trip to your attic space. Can you spot any beams of light in between your rafters? That is always a telltale sign that your roof needs attention from a roofing professional.

If you spot any of these signs of storm damage within or outside of your home, you'll need to contact a residential roofing company quickly. Fortunately, you've already come to the right place.

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