3 Trade Secrets To Improve Your Roofing In Fairhope, AL

Wednesday, 29 September 2021 12:55

Unfortunately, your roof won't last forever. Over time, the seasonal weather patterns of Alabama will wear down your roofing system and inflict damage. But, what steps can you take as a homeowner to prolong the lifespan of your roof? We've collected a handful of roofing trade secrets to help you maintain and improve the condition of your roofing in Fairhope, AL.

If you listen to our advice, you can maximize the value of your roofing system for a longer stretch of time.

Insider Advice To Support Your Roofing In Fairhope, AL

At Ethos, we have a skilled team of roofing contractors that hold years of experience in the industry. Since homeowner education is one of our top priorities, we asked our veteran roofers to share their top tidbits of roofing advice.

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1. Clean Your Roof Twice A Year

We know it doesn't sound like the most enjoyable task. But if you want to properly maintain the condition of your roof, then you'll need to do the occasional deep clean.

Throughout the year, all types of debris will accumulate on your roof. Twigs, leaves, dirt, and other objects build up in the valleys of your roofing system throughout the year. And these accumulations must be removed and cleaned ASAP. This is because of two main reasons:

  1. The debris accumulations create environmental conditions for insects and pests. Their presence can lead to significant roof and property damage down the line.
  2. The debris will trap moisture, which can lead to external moss growths. That moisture will damage your roofing shingles and may seep into your roofing system, causing internal water damage.

To avoid that property damage, you'll want to clean your roof twice a year (once in the fall & once in the spring). This will help prevent the build-up of debris and will help keep your roof in great condition.

You might find a roofing company that will clean your roof for you, but this service is not offered everywhere in the roofing industry. You can clean on your own, but it is not always recommended because of the risk of personal injury. If you choose the DIY approach to clean your roof, remember these safety tips:

  • Make sure the weather is clear, bright, and sunny before getting started.
  • Wear work boots with non-skid soles and good grips.
  • Use a sturdy ladder to climb up safely and make sure you have a ladder spotter too.
  • Make sure you wear protective goggles and rubber gloves to avoid coming into contact with chemicals.
  • Exercise extreme caution when cleaning your roof
    • Do not put yourself at risk if you're not confident in your safety

Remember: cleaning your roof can be a dangerous job. Make sure your safety comes first! If you don't feel comfortable cleaning your roof, then it's best to contact your trusted Baldwin county roofers.

2. Look Beyond Cost When Choosing Roofing Materials

We know that cost is often a top factor for homeowners when it comes to home services. However, lower price points often indicate reduced quality. As such, it's important to look beyond the price point for your roofing project.

There are tons of different roofing products available on the market today! From metal roofing options to composite asphalt shingles and more, your roofing contractor can supply all kinds of options for you. And each option comes with pros and cons.

Take standard asphalt shingles, for example. These materials are the most common roofing products across the U.S. because of their affordability. However, that lower price point comes with a trade-off.

Asphalt shingles will likely only last for 15-20 years, at which point they will break down and provide subpar protection. In addition, not every asphalt shingle product offers the same level of weather protection. Some may provide resistance to impacts, while others will not.

As such, you may want to consider installing other roofing materials that offer superior durability and longevity. A metal roof, for instance, will offer better weather resistance and will last for around 50 years (Consumer Reports)! It might come at a higher initial cost, but it's a better alternative to seeking roof replacements every 20 years or so.

3. Lookout For Roofing Scams

While you can likely find a reliable roofing company in Baldwin county, homeowners can still succumb to roofing scams. These dishonest contractors often find a way to steal your money without following through on their work. So, it is important to be aware of the common calling cards of a roofing scam.

Whenever you search for roofing services near you, remember to thoroughly research your local roofers. Read through online reviews and testimonials to ensure their legitimacy and evaluate their customer satisfaction rates. A reputable roofing company will provide excellent customer service and deliver unparalleled craftsmanship on every roofing project.

It's also a good idea to keep your eyes peeled for the most common signs of roofing scams. In general, steer clear of contractors that:

  • Do Not Have A License Or Insurance - Every roofing contractor in Alabama needs to hold a license from the Home Builders Licensure Board. They also need to have insurance policies in place to protect their workers and your property. If a roofer lacks either of those things, it's best to find another option.
  • Solicit Business Door-to-Door - Do not trust any contractors that knock on your door out of the blue. This is a common sales tactic of storm chaser contractors and shady handymen.
  • Do Not Offer Free Inspections - Reliable roofing companies near Mobile, AL will usually offer free consultations to any interested homeowners. But if a roofer requests payment for a roofing inspection, then they might not be the most trustworthy contractor.

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