8 Tips to Prepare for Your Roof Replacement in Denver

Monday, 17 October 2022 14:34
Is it time to replace your roof? Are you ready for your upcoming roof replacement in Denver? This type of project is a major undertaking, both in the cost and the work itself. From stripping away your old roof to the installation of the new one, there's a lot going on during a roof replacement. And that means plenty of opportunities for things to go wrong or slow down the work if you aren't ready.

You can make the process easier on yourself, your contractor, and your family with some quick preparations before your roofer arrives.

Get Ready for Your Roof Replacement in Denver

Follow these tips to get fully prepared for your new roof.

Empty Your Attic or Cover Items

If you have an attic, make sure that it is completely empty of items before the roofer begins work on your home’s roof. This will ensure that none of your stored possessions are damaged if roofing materials or debris fall into the attic space. That said, we understand that it’s a pain to move certain items, such as boxes and old furniture. If you do not want to remove these items, cover them with plastic or blankets to reduce any potential damage.

Move Vehicles Out of the Way

The last thing you want to happen during a roof replacement project is for a vehicle to get damaged by falling debris. Make sure that all vehicles parked near your house are moved far enough away so that they are out of harm’s way and won't get trapped in the driveway or garage by the roofers' vehicles. Freeing up this space can also give your contractor a convenient place to park where they can quickly access the tools and materials they need.

Cut the Grass

Roof replacements in Denver create a lot of debris, and much of that debris can fall and end up in your grass. However, overgrown lawns can hide debris, trash, and potentially dangerous items, like nails. By cutting the grass beforehand, you and the roofing contractor can quickly spot and remove any leftover materials.

Keep Kids and Pets in Mind

When replacing a roof, it is important to keep children and pets out of the area while the roofer works. It is also important to remember that they may be curious about what is going on at their house. Keep this in mind when deciding how to best protect them from the noise and mess associated with roofing projects.

Move Outdoor Furniture & Items

Roofers will be moving all around your house during a roof replacement, so make sure items like patio furniture, children's toys, potted plants, and hoses are out of the way. This will help eliminate dangerous tripping hazards and give the roofers plenty of space to set up ladders and store materials.

Identify Convenient Power Outlets

Before beginning the project, it can be helpful to identify convenient power outlets around the outside of your home for your roofers. You can use extension cords to plug in tools and equipment, but those longer cords can create a dangerous situation. When you can let your roofer know which outlet is closest to where they will be working, they won't need to run multiple cords throughout the house and property.

Take Down Any Antennas or Satellite Dishes

Make sure that all antennas and satellite dishes are removed prior to the start of work on your roof. These devices can interfere with the installation process if they are left in place. If it's too hard to move this equipment on your own, your roofing contractor can likely help, but it will lengthen the project timeline and may lead to an extra fee.

Talk to Your Neighbors

Unexpected construction is jarring, so it is always good practice to talk to your neighbors ahead of time. You can warn them of high noise levels and neighborhood obstructions created by your roofers. Let them know the expected length of the project too. They'll most likely appreciate the gesture and will make adjustments to their schedule on the day of the replacement.

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