What The Best Roofers In Littleton Have In Common

Tuesday, 12 May 2020 11:44

When your roof is in need of restorations, you want to hire top-of-the-line roofing professionals. Colorado is home to literally hundreds of roofing companies, so finding the best roofers isn’t always easy. Fortunately, most high-quality roofers will share a handful of common characteristics. As you start your search for exceptional roofers in Littleton, use the following criteria to guide your decisions. If you truly want the best for your property, these qualities cannot be overlooked or undervalued.

Extensive Experience On All Fronts

In the roofing industry, experience is the name of the game. Recently certified roofing contractors may be eager to make a name for themselves, but they lack the industry expertise to deliver high-quality work. Inexperienced roofers are more prone to mistakes and they may not yet have great customer service skills. It is almost always wiser to hire the veteran roofer over the rookie contractor.

When you are reviewing different roofing companies, don’t just look for a founding date on the company website.You need to consider a roofing company’s experience across the entirety of their roofing services. The more roofing experience that a company has, the more adept they’ll be at their work. Ask yourself questions about each roofer in Littleton, like:

  • Do they only specialize in roof repairs?
  • Have they been performing roof replacements since their inception?
  • Are they considered experts in storm damage restorations?

An exceptional Littleton roofing contractor will have years (if not decades) of experience in all their roofing specialties. Top-tier roofers will also have an encyclopedic knowledge of the roof insurance claim process. That knowledge can come in handy when you’re filing a storm damage claim with your insurance company.

You can gain a better understanding of the experience of a roofing company through their customer reviews and testimonials. Project pictures can also help illuminate the quality of work that you can expect from a given roofer.

Great Warranties And Insurance Policies

As a homeowner, you deserve to have the ideal protective pieces in place for both your property and your financial wellbeing. An exceptional Littleton roofer will aim to accomplish exactly that with their warranty offers and insurance policies.

Your roofer should have general liability and workman’s comp policies in place. Those policies will help protect you financially in case any on-the-job accidents occur. This way, you won’t have to pay an arm and leg if things go wrong during your roof restorations.

Outstanding warranty offers are another calling card of terrific roofers. Product warranties can last for just a handful of years or up half a century! Take the time to learn what kinds of warranties your preferred roofing company can offer you. You might not want to pay for the extra cost now, but those warranties will help protect the integrity of your roof for many years to come.

Ethical Business Practices

Whether you’re in need of minor repairs or a total roof replacement, you need to be able to trust your roofers. Trust is the cornerstone of any contractor-homeowner relationship. And nothing builds trust quite like ethical company behaviors and guiding philosophies.

The best roofers in Littleton will proudly stand by their ethical standards of excellence. What might those kinds of business practices look like? You can get a glimpse into a company’s ethics by examining their:

  • Company Values - At Ethos, for instance, we were founded on the key principles of quality, integrity, and character. These values guide our day-to-day operations and we make sure our entire team adheres to them.
  • Communication Style - The best Littleton roofing companies will stress honest and open two-way communication. Make sure your preferred roofers can communicate with you clearly, consistently, and happily.
  • Sales Approach - Great roofers won’t pressure you into committing to a contract right on the spot. Instead, your roofers should understand the gravity of your decision and give you room to breathe.

In an ideal situation, you should be put at ease by the ethical standards of your roofers.

Restore Your Roof With The Top Roofers In Littleton

At Ethos, we aim to set new standards of excellence in the roofing industry every day. Our contractors have accumulated decades of roofing expertise across a variety of projects. We can offer outstanding warranties for our building materials and we’re always guided by ethical business practices (hence our name). We know that our roofing contractors can deliver the high-quality finish that you want for your project.

Contact the roofing experts at Ethos today to schedule your free roofing inspection with our roofers in Littleton.