Which Season Is The Best Time To Call A Roofer In Loveland?

Monday, 22 February 2021 12:26

"What is the best time of the year to have your roof repaired or replaced? Can you contact your roofer in the wintertime? Or is it better to wait until the spring?" We get these kinds of questions all the time from Colorado homeowners. And believe it or not, the seasons of the year can play a key role in your roofing project. As a top roofer in Loveland, CO, we wanted to clarify the seasonal advantages for your roofing project and help you identify the perfect time to seek out roofing services.

With our guidance, you'll learn when to schedule your roofing project to minimize your cost and maximize your benefits.

Signs It's Time To Contact Your Roofer In Loveland, CO

Nestled in the gateway to the Rockies, the beautiful city of Loveland sees plenty of inclement weather every year. Between the snow and the hail, your roof can become damaged quickly. And when your roof is damaged, there's no reason to put off your repairs.

You'll know it's time to start contacting Loveland roofing contractors if you notice signs of damage, such as:

  • Dented, cracked, or broken roof shingles
  • Missing shingle granules
  • Impacted, loose, or rusted flashing
  • Mold or mossy growths on your shingles
  • Water stains on your ceilings and walls
  • Issues in your attic (e.g., light shining through your rafters, presence of moisture, etc.)

If you notice any one of these signs, contact your roofer ASAP to set up a more in-depth inspection.

Which Season Is The Best Time Of The Year For Roofing?

Now it's time to answer the million-dollar question: "When is the best time to schedule your roofing project?"

Unfortunately, there is not always an easy answer to this question. Many factors may influence the optimal timing for your roofing installation. These may include things like:

  • Your personal convenience - Just because it's convenient for you, it doesn't mean it will be convenient for your roofer.
  • Slow vs busy work seasons - All contractors experience busy season(s) and slow season(s). During busier seasons, your project may take longer to get started and it may be more stressful and frustrating.
  • The roofing materials you want - Some roofs can only be installed in particular weather and temperature conditions. Asphalt shingles, for instance, can only be installed properly when it's warm outside (at least 40°F).
  • The quality of craftsmanship - During the busy season, roofers may be eager to take shortcuts and expedite your project so they can head off to the next job. This may lead to a drop in the quality of work on your roof.
  • Changes to labor charges - When some roofers are busy, they may bump up their prices by as much as 5%-15%. And when things are slower, prices may drop once again.

Most Loveland roofing contractors experience a similar cycle of busier and slower seasons.

Fall tends to be the busiest time of the year, as homeowners scramble to get their roofs ready for the winter. This feeds into a much slower winter season as homeowners are more reluctant to install a new roof in the snow and cold.

Most construction trades tend to pick up the pace during the spring, as people catch up on their finances and embrace the warmer weather. After that rush of jobs, the summer tends to slow once more as homeowners take vacations and avoid major construction projects.

So, When Should You Schedule Your Roofing Installation?

If possible, try to book your roofing project during the winter or the summer! These two seasons tend to be some of the slower points in the year for most roofing contractors.

During the winter and summer, roofers may lower their pricing and have more open schedules, so you can rest assured knowing you'll receive top-notch craftsmanship on a quicker timeline for a more affordable price.

However, we should note that if your roof is currently damaged, you shouldn't delay your repairs or replacement for too long. Roof damage can be pervasive and it will undoubtedly worsen the longer you leave it unattended. And any storms that roll through in the short-term will only further exacerbate the damage.

That said, if your roof is damaged right now, don't try to schedule your repairs for the summer! Get your roof fixed now so you don't end up paying extra for it later down the line.

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