The Exclusive Guide To GAF Roofing In Centennial

Monday, 27 May 2019 05:04

Whether you own a sprawling ranch house or a luxury high rise in Centennial, you want to ensure that you have the right roofing system in place to keep your home protected from the vicious hail storms that make their way through central Colorado every year. GAF is the number one manufacturer of shingles nationwide and Ethos General Contractors is a proud Master Elite certified GAF contractor. Whenever we are consulting with local residents about what roofing system makes sense for their property, we always recommend GAF shingles. Let’s talk about what makes GAF roofing for Centennial homeowners such a great decision.

The GAF Lifetime Roofing System

GAF shingles are recognized for their longevity and that longevity is supported by extensive warranties that keep the homeowner and their property protected. If you are considering GAF roofing for your Centennial home, you want the lifetime roofing system to be high on your list of options. GAF roofing includes more than just shingles. The multi-layered design is part of what makes this such a great option for homeowners. Let’s discuss the unique, six-layer design of the GAF roofing system.

  1. Leak Barrier - The leak barrier sits at the edge of the roofing system and helps prevent leaks that can be caused by wind, rain, and ice dams.
  2. Roof Deck Protection - The roof deck makes up the structure of your roofing system. GAF roofing systems feature a protective shield that prevents moisture infiltration.
  3. Starter Strip Shingles - Sitting just outside of the leak barrier, the starter strip shingles help prevent shingle blow-offs, minimizing damage in severe storms.
  4. Lifetime Shingles - These high-quality shingles cover the entire roofing system and are protected by GAF’s various warranties.
  5. Cobra Attic Ventilation - The GAF ventilation system sits at the roof’s peak and reduces attic moisture which can lead to mold and mildew.
  6. Ridge Cap Shingles - The final layer of the GAF Lifetime Roofing System are the ridge cap shingles that defend against leaks at the hips and ridges of your roof.

The GAF Lifetime Roofing system features a highly strategic design that protects homeowners from costly, time-consuming, and labor-intensive repairs.

The Benefits Of GAF Roofing In Centennial

Centennial, like the rest of central Colorado, sits in the middle of Hail Alley, making properties highly prone to hail damage. Your roofing system is certainly not a place you want to skimp. GAF roofing in Centennial can be a cost-effective solution in the long run, especially considering the various warranties that protect the shingles themselves and the labor.

Lucky for Centennial residents, Ethos General Contractors is one of the only roofing contractors that is Master Elite certified and can authorize the Golden Pledge warranty, which includes 25 years of backing on the labor, as well as 50 years of backing on the materials themselves. Additionally, if you opt for GAF roofing in Centennial and three qualifying accessories, you will automatically become eligible for a lifetime limited warranty on your shingles and all qualifying accessories, as well as non-prorated coverage for the first ten years after installation.

GAF Roofing Contractors In Centennial

If you want the best, you want GAF roofing in Centennial. As Master Elite certified roofing contractors, Ethos is your go-to team for the installation and maintenance of the best roofing system on the market. Contact our team of GAF roofing experts today to learn more about the GAF Lifetime Roofing System.