The Exclusive Hail Damage Prevention Guide For 2019

Monday, 29 July 2019 02:31

In the state of Colorado, hail damage is a very serious and very frequent threat. When cooler winds out of the north meet warm, humid weather from the south, central Colorado homeowners are at risk. Every year, we help hundreds of property owners repair damage to their homes. In some cases, the damage is inevitable, but in others, the severity could have been minimized or avoided altogether. Our roof repair experts have put together an all-inclusive hail damage prevention guide to help you navigate yet another summer in Hail Alley.

Invest In Quality To Begin With

We’re kicking off this hail damage prevention guide with a tip that may seem obvious: you get what you pay for - especially when you regularly encounter severe weather. Whether you’re building your first house up in Stapleton or you’re restoring a historic home in Wash Park, you want to do your homework on not only shingles but also the roofers who install them. Quality is not something to skimp on when it comes to roofing material in Colorado (or anywhere for that matter). If you’re not sure what the best material is for the style and location of your home, don’t hesitate to ask a roofer you trust to help you make the right decision.

When you’re considering hail damage prevention as the key characteristic for your shingles, there are a couple universal recommendations. One of the most important features in your shingles is impact resistance. In an area where hail is common, you will want asphalt shingles that are specifically designed to be impact resistant. Often, these shingles are more expensive, but if they save you money by preventing major storm damage repairs down the line, wouldn’t you say they are worth it? We would, too!

Consider Secondary Protection

The second most important thing to consider for our hail prevention guide is what you have in place to keep your windows and doors protected. In Colorado, you certainly want to have impact rated windows installed on all levels of your home. You want the same caliber of glass on any exterior doors, too. Decorative yet functional additions like wind shutters can end up saving you quite a bit of money should a major storm hit your property by adding an additional layer of protection to your glass.

Analyze What Is Around Your Home, Too

The final tip in our hail damage prevention guide is to keep a close eye on what’s going on around your home, not just what’s happening to it. Trees, for example, can lead to catastrophic damage in the event of a major storm. If you have mature trees on your property, be sure to keep them trimmed and clear of your roof line.

Our hail damage prevention guide is not exclusively looking at the four walls of your home, though. In addition to trees and other large greenery that may pose a threat during a storm, we’d be remiss in our role as hail damage prevention experts if we didn’t recommend you look at any furniture you may have outside that is not secured. Loose patio furniture or playsets can also transform minor hail damage into a major problem if you don’t take the necessary steps to prevent disaster.

Do Your Research On Your Insurance Policy

Now, you may not expect to see reminders about reviewing your insurance policy in a hail damage prevention guide, but it is essential to protecting your property during storm season. Unfortunately, despite some homeowner’s best efforts, sometimes hail damage cannot be prevented. If you do happen to get hit with a storm that causes property damage to your roof, windows, siding, or doors, you want to be sure you have an insurance policy that protects the best interests of your family.

A Hail Damage Prevention Guide Written By Hail Damage Experts

As Colorado roofers, we know a thing or two about hail damage. We’ve been working in and around the Denver area for decades now and want to ensure our neighbors are prepared for anything that may come their way. We put together this hail damage prevention guide to give homeowners the support they need to protect their property (and their wallets) during hail season.

If your preventative measures fail to yield a damage-free storm season, give the hail damage prevention experts at Ethos Roofing a call to schedule a free inspection.