Why Hire General Contractors In Fort Collins For Your Roof?

Monday, 07 December 2020 11:52

When your roof becomes damaged, you’ll need to find a reputable contractor to repair and restore it. However, finding the right roofer in Fort Collins is often easier said than done. From small businesses to nationwide chains, there are plenty of roofing contractors in the FoCo area. As you compare your local providers, you may want to consider hiring general contractors in Fort Collins for your roofing needs. Why? There are a few key reasons to add general contractors to your list of options.

Of course, you still need to do your research and thoroughly vet your list of roofing service providers. Each contracting company comes with its own set of pros and cons, so be sure to take your time with this important hiring decision!

3 Reasons To Hire General Contractors In Fort Collins For Your Roofing Needs

We know you’re probably wondering: “What exactly is the difference between a roofer and a general contractor?” From a broad perspective, it’s a very simple difference.

A roofer is a contracting professional who works specifically on roofs. Meanwhile, a general contractor can be involved in many different tracks of the construction/home improvement business. While these two roles may sound very different, there can actually be some overlap.

For instance, at Ethos, we specialize in roofing services (i.e., roof repairs, replacements, restorations, etc.). However, we are also considered to be general contractors too, since we can provide additional contracting services outside of our specialization.

This overlap can offer a wide range of benefits for your home improvement needs. Let’s dive into some of the reasons why your roofer in Fort Collins should be a general contractor as well.

Leverage A One-Stop Shop For Home Improvements

While your roof may be a top priority at the moment, you likely have at least a few other home improvement projects you’ve been putting off. Has your home’s exterior looked a little worse-for-the-wear lately? Your general contractors in Fort Collins can help with that.

As mentioned earlier, general contractors can lend a helping hand in many aspects of home improvement projects. For example, our roofing contractors at Ethos can provide a number of additional services, including:

  • Exterior painting - Over time, your home’s exterior will inevitably need to be revitalized. With our exceptional painting services, Ethos will restore the vibrancy of your property and help keep it protected from the Colorado elements.
  • Window replacements - Whether you want to add character to your property with new windows or increase your property’s weather resistance, Ethos can help with that. Our experienced contractors can adeptly replace your windows with the option that best fits your budget and your style.
  • Siding services - From traditional vinyl to industrial steel, our contractors have expertise in all siding categories. Whether you need minor repairs or a full new siding installation, we’ll help you find the siding that fits your budget and creates your dream exterior.
  • Stucco and stone - Stucco siding adds value, character, and charm to your property. And our highly experienced contractors are here to restore your stucco and stone features when they become damaged or need upgrades.
  • Gutters - Dysfunctional gutter systems can wreak havoc on your property. Our contractors can fix the flaws in your systems and even upgrade them with a full replacement if needed.

These kinds of additional home improvement services can be invaluable to homeowners just like you. So be sure to consider these in tandem with your roofing needs.

Save Yourself Time And Energy Down The Line

Finding a reliable contractor isn’t always an easy process. With all the companies on the market today, it’s tough to find the right fit for your project. And that research process can take a great deal of time.

According to Modernize’s Q1 2019 Homeowner Survey, at least 35% of homeowners spend 1-5 hours researching contractors before hiring one. 15% of homeowners spend 6-10 hours prior to that decision, and another 18% research their options for 10+ hours! That’s a great deal of time and energy that could be better spent elsewhere.

Fortunately, you can avoid future research and save time by hiring general contractors for your roofing needs. This way, you can consistently call upon them time and again for your future home improvement projects.

Access Better Resources With Your General Contractors In Fort Collins

Your roof deserves top-tier materials at an affordable price point. And that’s what you can get with the right general contractors. They will be able to acquire discounts and offer reduced pricing on a multitude of materials, due to the partnerships they have established with material suppliers over the years.

For instance, Ethos is a GAF Master Elite Contractor, which gives us exclusive access to discounted GAF roofing materials. This way, we can pass on the value savings to you during your roofing projects.

It’s also worth mentioning with the right contractors, you’ll gain reliable construction knowledge and industry insights. Homeowners in Fort Collins need to follow specific building codes and some home improvements may require certain permits. General contractors will have a clear idea of which rules you need to follow for your projects. That knowledge can be invaluable during your renovations.

Connect With A Leading Roofer In Fort Collins

Whether your roof needs minor repairs or a full replacement, our contractors are ready to help on a moment’s call. With decades of roofing and contracting experience, we’ve improved the lives of countless Colorado homeowners.

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