How To Hire The Right Roofer In Littleton For Your Needs

Monday, 14 September 2020 09:59

At some point, the roof of your property will suffer damage and need the attention of a professional roofer. This means you’ll need to find a roofer in Littleton that can fix up your roof efficiently, affordably, and properly. You’ll need a reputable roofing contractor to meet those needs, but finding that kind of high-quality roofer isn’t always easy. The quaint suburbs of Littleton are home to hundreds of contractors and each one is very different from the last. We’re here to make your search for a reputable roofer a little bit easier.

Our contractors at Ethos always prioritize educating homeowners throughout the Denver metro area and beyond. We consistently leverage our extensive years of industry experience to benefit homeowners just like you. Just stick with our helpful advice and you’ll find your go-to roofing contractors in Littleton in no time!

Signs You’ve Found A Reputable Roofer In Littleton

According to recent market research from Blue Corona, approximately 40% of consumers only consider one local contractor before making a hiring decision. However, that lack of research can come back to haunt many homeowners.

If you fail to properly vet and research your roofer, you may risk hiring an unreliable contractor. You don’t want to end up with a poor quality roof, an unprofessional contractor, or ridiculously high hidden fees.

Trust us: It pays off to devote at least a few hours to researching various roofing contractors near you. We recommend you research at least 5 or 6 different roofing companies at a bare minimum. And try to get at least 3 different estimates before making your hiring decision.

Your Roofer Is Honest, Transparent, And Ethical

Your hiring decision shouldn’t be based solely on price. You need to take into consideration the ethical business practices of a given roofing contractor. How can you trust that your roofer will do a good job if they are dishonest or non-transparent about their operations?

Reliable roofing companies will have ethical guiding principles and they won’t shy away from opportunities to practice what they preach. For instance, at Ethos, our roofers proudly stick by our founding principles and practice them on a daily basis. Our ethical company values include:

  • Quality - All of our contractors undergo extensive training throughout their careers to make sure we always deliver exceptional quality work. Our roofers will always expertly identify and resolve weaknesses in your roofing system to keep your home protected.
  • Integrity - We will never take advantage of our customers or offer misleading advice. We strive to ensure that our clients, neighbors, and friends are well educated about anything and everything related to their roof.
  • Character - At Ethos, we always stand by our work and we always work diligently to provide the best customer service possible. We’ll keep you informed every step of the way and find ways to go above and beyond for your benefit.

Past Clients Are Willing To Share Testimonials

There’s really no better indicator of a highly reputable roofer in Littleton than glowing customer reviews. Past client testimonials can speak volumes about a given roofing contractor, from their quality of work to their customer service. Those kinds of outstanding testimonials should exist both on their company website and on third-party review platforms, like Google and the BBB.

As you review various Littleton roofing companies, make sure you look through their reviews very carefully. Past clients should have consistently positive experiences and any customer issues should have been addressed quickly and professionally. Keep your eyes peeled for red flag wording, like “scam,” “rip-off,” or even “complaint.”

Your Roofer Has Impressive Certifications And Warranties

As a homeowner, you deserve a roof that’s outfitted with industry-leading materials and is backed by exceptional warranties. Not every roofer will be able to provide those kinds of benefits for your property. That’s why you need to look into the specialized certifications and warranty offers of each roofing company you’re considering.

At Ethos, for instance, we have gained a Master Elite Contractor certification through GAF. We should note that only 2% of all roofing contractors in North America have this certification! This highly coveted status allows us to leverage the unparalleled roofing products of GAF. But, that’s not the only way this certification benefits you.

Thanks to our Master Elite status, we can offer our clients the Golden Pledge Warranty. This includes 2 years of coverage from our roofers, in addition to 25 years of coverage from GAF for our craftsmanship, and an additional 50 years of coverage for the roofing products themselves. With this warranty offer, your roof (and your wallet) will be well-protected for numerous years to come. You can’t ignore that kind of peace of mind.

Connect With A Trustworthy Roofer In Littleton

If you’re looking for an ethical and reliable roofing company, look no further than Ethos Roofing & Restoration. Our highly experienced roofing professionals are guided every day by honest and transparent company values. We always strive to deliver exceptional craftsmanship with every project and we have the track record to back up that claim. And with Ethos on your side, you’ll gain top-tier roofing warranties to keep your property protected for the next several decades.

Contact Ethos today to schedule your FREE roofing inspection and to get an accurate in-person estimate from our reliable roofer in Littleton.