Hiring Lakewood, Colorado Roofers: A How-To Guide

Tuesday, 24 December 2019 17:39

In an area like Lakewood, Colorado, hail is a constant, looming threat. It’s essential to have a partner in roof repair that’s local to your area because you will be calling them - probably more than once. How do you find a qualified roofer, though? Whether you’re new to Colorado or you’ve just bought your first home, it’s easy to overlook the need for a relationship with qualified Lakewood, Colorado roofers. That’s why we’ve put together this guide to help you find a qualified roofer in a pinch when hail damage strikes your home. Here’s a few things you should do to rule out the unqualified and find a roofing partner you can rely on.

4 Steps To Finding Lakewood, Colorado Roofers

Hiring a roofer is a highly personal experience. Your home is your biggest asset, so the people you select to take care of it are especially important. That being said, there are a few steps you should be taking to ensure you hire someone you can trust.

1. Start By Reading Reviews

Compile a list of Lakewood, Colorado roofers that you’re interested in learning more about, whether you find them through a Google search or through recommendations from your neighbors, start with a master list of companies that need to be vetted. Then you’ll want to jump online and take a look at their reviews. Reference a couple of different sources and don’t rely exclusively on their website to ensure that you’re getting a comprehensive view of the service they provide.

A couple of reliable sources to consider include Google, Facebook, Angie’s List, and the BBB. Take the good and the potentially bad reviews with a grain of salt, but keep what past customers have to say about their experience in mind when you’re narrowing your list.

2. Schedule A Call Or Meeting

The next thing you’ll want to do before hiring any Lakewood, Colorado roofers, is to schedule a time to meet them. Like we said, hiring someone to care for your biggest asset is a personal decision. It’s important that you feel an intrinsic connection with whatever company you choose to hire and the representatives that will be handling the work.

Whether you’re proactively scheduling a phone call just to get to know the company better or you’ve been hit by a storm and require an inspection to see what kind of damage may need attention, this is an important step in the hiring process. Talk to them about their processes and protocols, their employees and subcontractors, and experience handling roof repairs in Lakewood, Colorado.

3. Get To Know Their Insurance Claim Experience

If you’ve been hit by damage, be sure to discuss with the Lakewood, Colorado roofers you’re considering hiring whether or not an insurance claim will be necessary. Even if you don’t have damage and are just proactively finding a roofing company that you can call on later down the road, learning about their experience working with insurance companies is an important differentiator in an area prone to hail storms.

4. Ask About Special Certifications

One final thing you’ll want to discuss with any roofing companies you’re considering hiring is their various specializations and certifications. Do they work exclusively with specific manufacturers? Do they have any partnerships that allow them to offer special warranties? Have they earned any certifications for their work and craftsmanship? All of these are going to help you identify the most qualified Lakewood, Colorado roofers.

Hire The Best Lakewood, Colorado Roofers

Whether you’re hiring a roofer to handle damage after a major storm or you’re just being proactive knowing that hail is inevitable here in Colorado, hiring a qualified roofer is an important step in homeownership. With these steps, you can trust that you’re doing everything in your power to hire a qualified roofing company that you can rely on for many years.

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