A Homeowner’s Guide To The Roof Insurance Claim Process

Monday, 24 February 2020 11:20

On a yearly basis, approximately one in every 50 insured homes has a property damage claim related to wind or hail. In many of those cases, the homeowners submitted the claims for roof damages. Those claims ultimately help the homeowners save money, but the insurance claim process can be difficult to navigate. Where do you start with the claim? What do you need to do to get the costs of your damages covered? Our team of expert roofers and contractors have provided roofing and restoration services for a plethora of homeowners who were filing damage claims with their insurance companies. As you navigate the roof repair and roof insurance claim process, here are a few steps that you'll want to be sure to take.

What To Expect From The Roof Insurance Claim Process

If you hope to submit an insurance claim for your roof damages, there are a number of steps that you’ll have to complete first. We know that the claims process can be confusing and, at times, intimidating. By getting detailed documentation from your roofers and listening carefully to the advice and feedback of your insurance agent, you’ll be able to breeze through the roof insurance claim process in no time!

Verify That Repairs Are Needed

The Colorado elements can wreak some nasty damage on your roof. After the storm has passed, you’ll want to take the first step on the roof insurance claim process: Verify and document the damages!

Take the initiative to assess the condition of your roof on your own at your earliest convenience. There are some key signs of roof damage that you should look out for, like broken shingles or ceiling moisture stains. If you can spot some damages, it’s a good idea to contact a contractor for a free roofing inspection. A roofing contractor will be able to spot all of the not-so-easy to find signs of roof storm damage. Remember to ask your roofing contractor to thoroughly document everything that they find.

Use your time wisely and collect as much information as you can. Photos, videos, and even written descriptions will add weight to your insurance claim. Once you have all the information together, you can begin to submit your roof insurance claim.

Contact Your Contractor And Your Insurance Adjuster

With the damages documented and verified, it’s time to bring your insurance adjuster into the mix. We’d recommend that you schedule a time to have both your insurance adjuster and your roofing contractor inspect the damages. Both of the inspections will be incredibly thorough and detail-oriented. At this stage of the process, your contractor and your insurance adjuster will both document:

  • The extent of the damages.
  • And the estimated costs for roof repairs or a roof replacement.

By having your contractor present, you’ll have an expert there to voice any concerns that you may have with the adjuster’s findings. If your contractor and insurance adjuster disagree on the extent of the damage, you'll want to push your claim to appraisal to ensure the dispute is resolved and that all damages are addressed.

Your insurance payout will depend on your insurance policy and the adjuster’s findings. While individual payouts may vary, you could receive a check for:

  • Actual Cost Value (ACV) Coverage - This value is found by subtracting depreciation from the replacement cost.
  • Replacement Cost Value (RCV) Coverage - You’ll receive the full amount necessary to replace the covered damages minus your deductible.

Since you can never predict the future, it is possible that you will be denied at the end of your roof insurance claim process. A denied claim could be the result of a lack of coverage, filing delays, or a host of other reasons. To best position your property for the likelihood of an approved claim, you need to start your insurance claim ASAP. Once the damages have occurred, get the ball rolling on the insurance claim process within just a few days! Document every little detail accurately and contact your contractor and adjuster as soon as you can. Make those roof repairs and your insurance claim a top priority in your life.

Get The Roof Repaired

At this point, the majority of the claims process has been completed and you can begin the repairs! Your trusted contractor should be able to repair your roof quickly, efficiently, and with the highest level of care. Be sure to keep a watchful eye on the progress of the repairs process.

A Few Final Tips

Our roofers have spent decades in the roofing industry. Throughout our combined tenure, we’ve performed countless roof repairs and replacements for homeowners who have navigated the roof insurance claim process. When your roof is damaged by weather, there are a few best practices to follow, whether you're filing an insurance claim or not:

  • Document your property’s condition often. Take photos and videos of your roof and property every now and then. Those timestamped materials will help establish authenticity for your insurance claim.
  • Consider working with a public adjuster. At the end of the day, insurance adjusters work for insurance companies. Public adjusters are independent insurance professionals that you may want to consider hiring to help settle your claim, should a dispute arise between your contractor and adjuster. A public adjuster should become a must-have if your insurance adjuster fails to meet industry standards, like getting on top of your roof for the inspection.
  • Develop a comprehensive understanding of your homeowner’s insurance policy. You don’t want to be suddenly surprised to find out that your policy excludes specific scenarios. Make sure you understand every piece of your policy before starting your claim.

Homeownership in Colorado comes with a bit of extra work. The key is to simply maintain the integral elements of your roof consistently. Use our roof maintenance tips to keep your roof in tip-top shape.

Navigate The Roof Insurance Claim Process Successfully

At Ethos, we pride ourselves on our exceptional roof repair capabilities. Our staff strives to take our roofing services to the next level by offering expertise and guidance on damage and repairs when a client's property is damaged. We have assisted a wide range of homeowners over the years with their roof repairs, so we are intimately familiar with the best practices of inspections and documentations.

With Ethos at your side, you have a trusted contractor at the ready to help. We'll perform a thorough inspection and provide high-quality repairs when you need to file a roof insurance claim in Colorado.