How To Choose A Reliable Storm Damage Repair Contractor

Monday, 02 July 2018 16:35

When severe storms roll through your area, storm damage repair contractors follow. Selecting the right storm damage contractor to help you navigate the process of a repair, an insurance claim, and protecting your property against the potential for future damage is challenging for any homeowner. It can be hard to recognize signs that may point to a less-than-reliable contracting company when you're down to the wire to get your property damage fixed. As longtime Colorado residents with decades of experience in contracting and storm damage repair, we have spoken to many clients who have contracting horror stories from their previous experiences to share. We want to help you avoid this nightmare and choose the right storm damage repair contractor the first time – here's the exclusive guide.

Why Do Contractors Knock On Doors?

For many contracting organizations, storm damage repair is the only service they offer. In order to remain in business, they have to go where the work is. This means they are knocking on doors and taking the business that would have previously gone to a local contractor who may be better suited to handle the job. In order to compete with national agencies who are following storms around the countries, local storm damage repair contractors have to be out there, too.

At Ethos, knocking on the doors of our neighbors in the Colorado community is more than just a means to an end. We knock on doors first and foremost to find out where our friends and neighbors are in the storm damage repair process. Has someone taken a look at your property? Do you know what kind of damage a wind or hail storm can cause? Do you know what un-repaired damage can lead to? These are all questions that many homeowners are unfamiliar with.

When we knock on doors after a storm, we look for the opportunity to educate you on storm damage and the repair process and help you understand where your properties vulnerabilities are. From there we can walk you through a free, comprehensive property inspection, that includes getting up on the roof and getting into your attic to find any and all storm damage. Then we provide you with a damage assessment that lets you know exactly what is going on with your property.

That all sounds well and good right?

We know many contractors take the same approach. So how do you know which storm damage repair contractor is going to help you repair the damage quickly, effectively, and with as little hassle as possible?

Signs Of A Reputable Storm Damage Repair Contractor

  • Experience – You will want to select a storm damage repair contractor that has been in the business and has a proven track record. This may seem like an obvious recommendation, but it often goes overlooked in the wake of storm damage. Check out the BBB to find the organization's rating and read reviews on Angie's List, Yelp, or other review site to see what other people thought of their experience with the storm damage repair contractor your considering.
  • Insurance, Warranties, and Relationships – A fully-insured storm damage repair contractor is a no-brainer. Looking for additional warranties and relationships, such as being a preferred contractor with manufacturers like GAF, are signs of a highly-qualified contractor with an exemplary reputation. Ethos is one of the few storm damage repair contractors in the world who can offer the Golden Pledge Warranty, which includes 2 years of coverage by us and 25 years of coverage by the largest shingle manufacturer in the world for the Ethos workmanship and an additional 50 years of coverage on the product itself. When you're looking for someone to trust your property with, this is the standard you want to look for.
  • Choose Local – While a national company isn't necessarily any less qualified to offer a storm damage repair, a local company is likely better suited to handle your situation. Not only will a local storm damage repair contractor be familiar with the area and the climate, they will also likely have solid relationships with insurance adjusters to help you navigate the storm damage repair claims process smoothly. Moreover, a local contractor will be nearby long term in case of a problem or additional project.
  • Find A Competent Crew – When you find a storm damage repair contractor with a crew that makes you feel comfortable and helps you understand what is going on with your repair and your insurance claim, hang on to them. Storm damage repair is a complicated business and if you've never had to deal with it before, you want to feel connected to the process and have the opportunity to ask questions throughout.

Do Your Homework When Choosing A Storm Damage Repair Contractor

The best advice we can offer you when you are looking for a storm damage repair contractor is to do your homework. Only you will know when you've found a contractor who is the right fit for your project and your intuition will be your best guide through the storm damage repair process.

If you have storm damage and need a damage assessment, contact Ethos General Contractors for a partner in the storm damage repair process.