Protecting Your Home From Hail Damage

Monday, 26 February 2018 16:27

Last May, Denver Metro saw one of the biggest hail storms that had ever come through the Mile High City. This storm caused damage to automobiles and houses that are still being repaired after nearly twelve months. According to the Denver Post, an estimated 200,000 claims were filed totaling $1.4 billion in damages. In just a few short weeks, hail season will again be upon us. Now that we know what to expect, we can prepare for the worst and protect your home from hail damage.

Hail Season In Colorado

Colorado is one of the most hail-prone states in the US. Residing right in the middle of what meteorologists refer to as “Hail Alley,” Coloradans can expect to see 10+ days of severe hail each year. The mountainous area promotes a weather phenomenon called updrafts, which play a part in the transformation of water into hail. Updrafts are unsurprisingly exactly what they sound like – large amounts of air moving upwards. The slow-moving air holds small flecks of dust or ice, called hail embryos, in the air. When combined with notably cool air, these hail embryos are the instigators for hail to begin forming in the clouds. Hailstones can take up to an hour to form completely – the largest recorded stone forming for close to 60 minutes and weighing nearly 2 pounds when it plummeted to earth at a speed of more than 100 miles per hour.

Save Time And Money With Early Hail Protection

Because Colorado is home to many of the marker for hail formation, we have to be prepared for much more than the half melted slush-stones that our more Southern neighbors might experience. Investing time in protecting your home from hail damage now, before the severe weather makes its way onto the radar, can save you a lot in the long run.

How To Protect Your Home From Hail Damage

Hail season is on the horizon! It's time to prepare your property and take the necessary steps to protect your home from hail damage. Take care of the followings steps and your property should be well protected from the impending hail storms.


Hail can not only wreak havoc on your property but also on your landscaping. Keeping your trees trimmed, especially if they have large branches that hang over your home, driveway, or fencing. Even longstanding, age-old trees can pose a threat to your property during inclement weather.


Now is a great time to get your roof inspected. It may seem preemptive with hail season still a few weeks away, but fixing small problems now can help you prevent a bigger (and likely much more costly) problem later.

Outdoor Furniture

In dreary, winter weather we don't get much use out of our patio furniture. Hail storms often bring with them strong winds that could lead your outdoor furniture and décor to cause exterior damage to your home. Since you are probably not relaxing on the patio in a Colorado winter, we recommend you move all of your outdoor items in an enclosed space. If you don't have an enclosed space that you can use for storage, you can weigh the items down or use another means of stabilization to keep your outdoor furniture in place even during stormy winds.


Your home is not the only property that you want to keep protected during hail season. If your weekend plans haven't included cleaning out the garage thus far, it may be time to clear a Saturday. You will thank yourself at the end of hail season when your vehicles are dent free.


Hail season brings the threat of broken windows, among other potential damage. To keep the interior of your home protected, make sure you have drapes on all of your windows. The heavier, the better. While not a foolproof solution, interior covers on your windows can block some of the debris that may come inside if a window is to break.


Take a look at your insurance policies to ensure that you have damage protection from hail. It is always better to be safe than sorry. Being familiar with your homeowner's policy gives you the information you need to get the most out of your coverage if hail damage does occur.

Ensuring that your home is prepared for hail season can help prevent your property from costly and serious damage. Save yourself from hassle by taking premeditated steps to help your property withstand even the stormiest of hail seasons. For preventative inspections or post-storm repairs, contact Ethos General Contractors today.