A Roof Estimate Breakdown By A Top Roofer In Fort Collins, CO

Monday, 08 February 2021 11:58

Whether it was from a recent storm or general wear-n-tear, every roof inevitably becomes damaged. When that happens, you'll want to get your roof fully repaired as soon as possible. You'll likely speak with numerous roofers and get multiple estimates from them. But how exactly is your estimate calculated? And what differences can you expect in the estimates aside from price changes? As a top roofer in Fort Collins, CO, we're here to break down everything you need to know about roofing estimates.

At Ethos, we are committed to expanding the knowledge of Colorado homeowners. That's why we're diving into the nitty-gritty of roof estimates today so you know exactly what to expect from your trusted roofing contractor.

Your Roofing Estimates Rundown From Our Roofer In Fort Collins, CO

Once you contact a roofing company near you, they will schedule a time to have one of their roofers inspect your property. You can generally expect that inspection to last anywhere from 30 minutes to a full hour. After the inspection, your roofer will go over the details of their findings and provide an estimate for their services.

What Is Included In Your Estimate?

Each roofing estimate you receive from each contracting company will be different from the last. However, you can expect those estimates to include several basic elements. Every bid should spell out a handful of crucial things, such as:

  • The projected costs for labor and materials, and for the permits that will need to be pulled
  • A full description of the projected work
  • Approximate timeline (i.e., start and end dates)
  • Payment information (e.g., projected due dates, accepted payment methods, etc.)
  • Warranty information for the materials and the workmanship
  • Insurance and licensing information (e.g., workman's comp, general liability, contractor license, etc.)
  • Provisions (add-on costs)
  • And a means for exit (a way for both sides to terminate the agreement without incurring penalties)

Is A Roofing Estimate Binding?

Unfortunately, no. A roofing estimate is simply that: an estimate. It is not binding on anyone and it is not the same thing as a contract. That estimate is just a temporary quote to give you perspective on your projected costs and needed services.

So just because your roofer hands you an estimate, it doesn't mean those costs are set in stone. Those projected costs may change slightly when you receive your proposal or contract.

How Is Your Estimate Calculated?

Each roofer in Fort Collins, CO may have their own way of determining roofing costs. There are all kinds of software and pricing models out there that contractors can use to determine the pricing for their roofing estimates. You can expect your estimate to be calculated via one of these resources.

For instance, at Ethos our contractors use a pricing software that is commonly used by insurance adjusters called Xactimate. The pricing models included in this software adjust every month to the supply and demand of the market. This tool comes in handy for us especially when you're filing a claim with your insurance provider because our estimate will match up more closely with your adjuster's findings.

You've Got A Few Estimates. What Comes Next?

Once you've compiled bids from various roofers and done your research, you'll be ready to make a hiring decision. You'll need to contact your preferred roofer and request a contract from them.

Make sure you read through your contract very carefully! This document is designed to hold your roofer accountable and give you protection from any problems that may arise during the work. In addition to the details of your estimate, your roofing contract will also include:

  • Specifics on payment terms (e.g., down payments, payment dates, a provision to withhold the final payment until the job is completed to your satisfaction, etc.)
  • Specifics on the types of materials to be used (e.g., shingles, underlayment, flashing, etc.)
  • Installation methods and scope of the project
  • Provisions for unforeseen circumstances
  • A lien release to protect you from liability
  • A termination clause for how to end the agreement without penalty

Remember: once the contract is signed by all parties, it is legally binding. Your contractor will be required to complete the work and you'll be held to the price outlined in the document. So make sure you understand your contract in its entirety.

Questions To Ask Your Roofer About Your Estimate

Your estimate clearly includes a lot of information. But that doesn't mean everything will be clear for you. As your roofer discusses your estimate, you may want to consider asking them some questions, like:

  • Does this price estimate include tax?
  • Will I get to keep extra shingles or tiles for repairs?
  • How can I expect my estimate to change in the final contract?

Don't forget to inquire about material upgrades, additional services, and even other vetting questions. This is the perfect time to get all your questions answered, so take advantage of the opportunity.

Get Your Accurate Estimate From Our Top Roofer In Fort Collins, CO

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