Inspect Your Roof Like A Roofing Contractor In Fort Collins, CO

Monday, 24 August 2020 12:45

By now, you should know your roof won’t last forever. Between the Colorado hail storms and the windy blizzards, your roof will endure plenty of rough weather each year. Over time, small parts of your roofing system will become damaged and fail to function properly. If those damaged areas go untreated, you may risk damaging your property in other ways. Sooner or later, you’ll need to call in a roofing contractor in Fort Collins, CO to fix the damage. But, how do you know if it’s time to contact a roofer? You’ll know whether it’s time or not once you properly inspect your roof like a roofing professional.

At Ethos Roofing & Restoration, homeowner education is one of our top priorities. We strive to give homeowners the resources and knowledge they need to protect their property for years to come. Today we will dive into the nitty-gritty of a proper roof inspection and the steps you can take to maintain your home.

Why You Should Inspect Your Roof Regularly

Like many other homeowners, you may not think about the integrity of your roof very often. And that’s okay! You should, however, remember to keep a watchful eye on your roof as a damaged one can lead to plenty of significant safety issues. If you don’t inspect your roof and it becomes damaged, you risk worsening your property damage through:

  • Attic and ceiling damage - Your ceiling paint and plaster may darken, bubble, and expand due to a leaky roof. This water damage may also impact ceiling-mounted lights and fans.
  • Interior mold and mildew issues - A leaking roof will almost always lead to mold and mildew growths. These problems can eventually spread to the rest of the house through the ventilation system and it can cost a pretty penny to rid your property of those growths.
  • Compromised structural integrity - When water can seep in through your roof, you can almost guarantee it will damage your rafters, ceiling joints, wall framing, and more. To put it simply: a weakened roof can spell disaster for your property.

It’s also worth noting that your roof damage may contribute to the development of some health issues too. As we briefly discussed above, mold and mildew growths may develop from leaks in your roof. These growths can, in turn, lead to some serious health issues, especially for those with pre-existing respiratory problems.

When you inspect your roof regularly, you can catch problems before they become bigger.

Inspecting Your Roof: Thoughts From A Top Roofing Contractor In Fort Collins, CO

As a general rule of thumb, you should get into a habit of inspecting your roof at least twice a year. Most homeowners will choose to inspect their property in both the fall and the spring. However, we would additionally recommend inspecting your property after major storms (if it’s safe). This will help you stay on top of your roof repairs and keep your property protected for years to come.

Remember: Safety First

We cannot underemphasize the importance of your personal safety when you’re inspecting your roof. You must take the necessary safety precautions if/when you get up on your roof for a closer inspection. Remember to:

  • Pick a time of the day that’s cool and clear for your roofing inspection.
  • Wear shoes with soft rubber soles for extra traction.
    • Try to keep the bottoms of your shoes free of mud, dirt, and debris.
  • Tie your ladder to the roof to keep it stable and accessible. You could even attach a bungee cord to the gutter system and wrap it around your ladder.
  • Maintain a three-point contact with your ladder when stepping onto and off the roof (two feet and a hand, or two hands and a foot).

If you remember one safety tip from this article, it should be this: Use your common sense! Do not put yourself into a hazardous situation on your roof if you can’t or don’t have the right safety measures in place to protect your well-being.

If you ever feel uncomfortable or concerned about your safety while on your roof, then you should call it a day! Leave the more difficult areas of your roof inspection (e.g., steeper slopes, overhanging ledges, etc.) to a professional roofing contractor in Fort Collins, CO. Trust us: It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

How To Inspect Your Roof

Start out your roof inspection from the ground! Look up at your roof from the areas surrounding your property and see if you can spot any areas of concern. Check your soffit and fascia boards, vents, and other areas for water damage or loose materials. If needed, position your ladder for a closer look. Now, you can move onto the main part of your roof inspection.

Once you’re up on the roof itself, try to inspect the total area in a systematic manner. For instance, you could start by checking the ventilation (e.g., chimneys, vents, etc.) and then look closer at the shingles and flashing. Keep your eyes peeled for common signs of roof damage, such as:

  • Broken, chipped, or warped shingles
  • Loose or missing shingles
  • Loose or dented flashing
  • Shingles that are missing some or all of their granules

As you review your roof, don’t forget to take photos of any damage that you notice.

Check For Interior Damage Too

It’s possible that your roof looks fine from the outside, but your property could still have interior damage elsewhere. In your attic and top-level rooms, keep your eyes peeled for:

  • Water stains/damage on your ceilings and walls
  • Light peeking through the boards and rafters in your attic
  • The presence of moisture in your attic space
  • And mold growths

At the end of the day, there are only so many roofing problems that you can spot as a homeowner. Only a roofing professional can accurately assess the total extent of your property damage. If you notice even one of these signs of damage during your inspection, it’s time to call one of the top Fort Collins roofing companies.

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