5 Roof Maintenance Tips From Our Roofing Company In Denver

Monday, 27 January 2020 09:24

It’s no secret that roof repairs and roof replacements can cost a pretty penny. Insurance claims can help cover the costs, however you might need to get consistent repairs thanks to the brutal weather of Colorado. If you want to limit those repairs, then you need to diligently maintain the health of your roof over time. As a leading roofing company in Denver, we wanted to make roof maintenance a little easier. Practice these simple tips on a regular basis and you’ll be in the best position to keep storm damage at bay!

How To Maintain Your Roof: Thoughts From A Top Roofing Company In Denver

Before we dive in, let’s make one thing clear: roof maintenance is not always easy. We make roof repairs look easy, but it can be dangerous to be up so high. Most homeowners have only been up on a roof a handful of times in their lives. Please remember to exercise caution and to prioritize your personal safety at all times.

To properly maintain your roof, you need to perform your own inspections on a semi-regular basis. As a leading roofing company in Denver, we’d recommend that you routinely inspect your property at least twice a year.

Remove Overhanging Branches

If you’re a Denver homeowner, it’s highly likely that you have a handful of trees surrounding your property. Trees add a nice natural element to any home, but every homeowner should keep an eye on how those trees grow. Branches can grow unpredictably and before you know it, you might have branches hanging directly over your roof.

This situation presents two potential problems. First, the branches will drop leaves in the fall that will collect on the roof and retain moisture. This can lead to rot and make your shingles weaker. Secondly, during the winter the weight of the snow could be too great and cause the branch to break, which could also damage your roof. It’s best to prevent both of these problems from ever occurring. Trim those branches that are too close to or directly above your roof.

Inspect For Rust

Was any part of your roof constructed with metallic materials? If so, then you should make this a priority for your quarterly inspection. Rust naturally occurs on materials that contain iron when they are exposed to oxygen and moisture for long periods of time. Since Denver is not a very humid environment, rust might not be a big concern for your roof. Even with this in mind, the reps at our roofing company in Denver always inspect every roof for rust.

If you happen to notice rust on your roof, you’ll want a pro to come take care of it ASAP. Most often, a wire brush and some scrubbing will do the trick. After the rust is gone, your roofers will prime and paint the area to maintain the condition.

Clean Your Gutters

This should feel like a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised at how many homeowners avoid cleaning their gutters. This monotonous chore is integral to the health of your roof. If your gutters get clogged up, they can cause significant damage to your property. The water that should be running down your gutters will instead accumulate on the outside of your gutter and make its way underneath your roofing structure. This can damage the fascia of your roof and compromise your roof structure.

You can avoid this excessive water damage by cleaning out your gutters regularly. Keep them in good shape all year around and they’ll continue to serve their intended purpose. If you don’t like cleaning out your gutters, you can call on a roofing company in Denver to lend a helping hand.

Check Your Insulation

In most homes, the last room you want to visit is your creaky old attic. If you want to properly maintain your roof, then you have to be brave enough to climb those stairs and check on your insulation. You need proper insulation and ventilation within your attic to keep your roof in good condition. These elements help prevent ice dams from forming on your roof and leaking moisture into your home.

Check on the condition of your insulation. Is it falling apart? Does it seem crumbly and old? Can you spot any water stains or streaks? If you know what the insulation materials are and you feel confident in your abilities, then you can reinsulate your attic yourself. However, sometimes it is better to leave your insulation repairs to the professionals. If you know that the materials are older, then don’t touch it on your own! Older materials may contain toxic chemicals, like asbestos. If you notice that your insulation needs attention, call in the professionals to handle it! They know how to install the insultation safely and effectively.

Inspect Your Shingles

Even if you’re just looking for red flags from the ground, your shingles will be key indicators of damage. You should keep your eyes peeled for loose, damaged, worn, or missing shingles. It’s hard to spot from the ground, so if you have an inkling that a recent storm or the test of time has left your roof in disarray, you’ll want to call a professional roofing company in Denver to come take a look. Improperly installed shingles can actually result in further roof damage, so you don’t want to risk attempting to repair your shingles yourself. Professional roofers will be able to properly install new shingles and restore your roof to its former glory.

Learn More Methods From Our Roofing Company In Denver

These are just a handful of the numerous ways that you can maintain your roof. You can learn more nifty tricks and helpful methods from our roofing staff firsthand. At Ethos, we love to keep our clients educated and informed on the best practices for roof maintenance. Our staff members can walk you through signs of damage during a FREE roofing inspection.

Contact Ethos Roofing & Restoration today and our roofing company in Denver will share those maintenance secrets with you in-person.